Sons of laundrymen and cooks making it in USA

The Chinks or Chinese were once discriminated, marginalized and oppressed by the racist European Americans in the early years of the American history. They have laws that forbade Chinaman from the more respectable professions and degraded them to just railroad coolies, laundrymen and cooks. And for centuries the westerns have been rubbishing the Chinaman as good for nothing drags of the human race, untalented, no creativity, and plain stupid, through this racist exclusion. The laundryman tag resurfaced recently in a brawl when a racist Brit used it to insult a local Chinese of the same stock as the Chinky laundrymen and cooks.

The discrimination of Chinaman was nationwide and across the western world, and Chinaman was treated as a good for nothing breed by the West. Even the unthinking Africans and Asians look down on the Chinaman till today. They share the same perception painted by the West that Chinaman are useless, brainless, good for nothing, invented nothing, uncouth ruffians and peasants. Only the civilized descendants of the Chinaman in Sinkieland are different, or they thought they are different. They regarded themselves as a different breed, that they are as polished, cultured and sophisticated as the westerners, speaking western tongues.

Today, a Chinaman by the name of Donald Tan, actually an eminent ophthalmologist, a Singaporean, has been appointed as head of the renowned Cornea Society in the USA. This is the kind of recognition that is rare even today. Prof Tan is at the forefront of cornea transplant technology and has developed many procedures and instruments that were used world wide and named after him. Among his contributions are the DALK(Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty) Tan Scissors and a procedure called Tan Endoglide.

If Donald Tan would have been born in those ugly racist American days, (today many descendents of Chinaman are conducting leading edge research and technologies in the US today), they would probably end up as laundry boys or cooks. And they will be very familiar with laundry tags on the clothes of their European customers.

The world has changed so much and the laundryman and cook tags are starting to fall off. But Chinks are still Chinks. The difference is whether they are PRC Chinks or Sinkie Chinks. No matter what designer suits they put on or what famous pubs or bars they patronized, or what European company they keep, unless they are as good as Professor Donald Tan, behind their backs they would still be called Chinks. It is not funny to read in the blogs that Sinkie Chinks are spitting at PRC Chinks.


Anonymous said...

Put in this way, sinkies are different and that is why sinkie ministers are paid different with the way out of the world salary mah. Red bean, do you agree. What do u think?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I dunno what to say. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Current US Ambassador to China and former Secretary of Commerce and first Chinese descent Governor in Washington State,Gary Locke and many before him have made many American Chinese proud.Born in Seattle whose grandparents migrated from Toisan in the Siyup region of Southern Guangdong,China ,Gary live and educated in an American environment which allows individual freedom to express and pursue their dream It iis yet again anotherAmerican Chinese from Seattle,Bruce Lee,whose parents migrated from the Shunde district of Southern Guandong arouse pride in American and oversea Chinese and even nationalistic pride in mainland China

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The American Chinese lost 200 years of entrepreneurship, acquisition of technology, science and enterprise because to the oppressive and suppressive racist legislation in the world's most racist country, the country that committed the worst genocide in human history.

Tom said...

>> The American Chinese lost 200 years of entrepreneurship, acquisition of technology, science and enterprise because to the oppressive and suppressive racist legislation in the world's most racist country, the country that committed the worst genocide in human history<<

First of all, the Chinese were not in the United States for 200 years. Second, the first Chinese who went to America were uneducated poor peasants who left China because life was more miserable there than they had in the United States. Despite the problems in the past, they thrived and won their rights.



The United States has a much better history of treating minorities better than China had. As a minority U.S. citizen, I can testify to that.

I've met racists in the United States and elsewhere in my life. And to be honest, you have all characteristics of a person why is racist.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Tom, the early Chinese were there much longer than the 200 hundreds I mentioned. The 200 years referred to the time the racist Exclusion Act was in force.

As for the treatment of minorities, you are referring to the recent history of the US. Would you regard the massacre of the Red Indians and the enslavement of the blacks better than how China treated its minorities?

The Chinese elsewhere, without the oppressive discrimination, have excelled in all fields much earlier than those in the US or in European dominated countries like Australia. They could have achieved much more without the discrimination in the US.