Singapore snippets

Singapore has never been so exciting before until the last couple of months. The media is flooded with all kinds of saucy tabloid quality news that should increase their sales by at least 30%. What you want to read you have it, corruption, sex scandals, priests, the elite, law suits, mental cases, murder, suicides etc etc. The hot issues of population explosion and influx of foreigners and jobless Sinkies who have to keep on down grading through downgrading courses, this is funny really, while foreigners are pouring in with abundance of job offers. The young people are now encouraged to be hawkers instead of lawyers, doctors or ministers.

Ask the taxi drivers, which is the most exciting place in Singapore, MBS or RWS? Wrong, the magistrate courts at Havelock Road.

Which is the most exciting jobs to be in, lawyer or hawker? Wrong, psychiatrist.

Which profession pays the most, lawyer or ministers? Wrong, priesthood.

What is the most sought after mode of transport, MRT or Ferrari? Wrong, Brompton Bike.

Who is suffering from bipolar disorder, a lawyer or psychiatrist? No another lawyer.

Who is more powerful than the court of law, the govt or the law society? No, a psychiatrist. Really? Or is it a lawyer? Is that your final answer?

Who decides whether a person is innocent, the court or the minister? Both wrong, its the believers.

Which is the most exciting and reliable news media, main media or social media? Wrong, Facebook.


Anonymous said...

You have a way of putting it :)

Anonymous said...

we are now living in a mad mad world ... siow liao

Anonymous said...

PM Lee say this is not a problem.
It's called "getting messy selectively".


Or is it "appreciation of complexity"?


We call it 'pay you millions to do nothing"

Anonymous said...

Facebook is also a social media lah!!

Like, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Who decides whether a person is innocent, the court or the minister? Both wrong, its the believers.

You are right on the money. The law of the land is.....LUKEWARM

Anonymous said...


Cutting Through The Veil ... good stuff !!


Anonymous said...

believers many types..you get the KH type or Christian type...you can wait for armageddon or expect armageddon

Anonymous said...

Knn read bean the best

Anonymous said...

Confirm n double confirm