Sequel to ‘Do not underestimate the Malaysians’

Temasek ignores downgrades, is very optimistic on India story

Mydigitialfc.com, 5 Jul 2012 by Rajesh Abraham

Temasek, the investment arm of the Singapore government, on Thursday said it was “very optimistic” on India’s long-term potential, dispelling fears expressed by rating agencies which downgraded the country’s outlook recently.

The Singapore sovereign fund, …said it would continue to bet on Indian companies, which are proxies for the country’s economic growth. India accounts for 5 per cent of Temasek’s 42 per cent exposure in Asia.

The sovereign fund has $109 billion worth investments in Asia, making India investments at nearly $6 billion….

This is an extract of an article by Rajesh Abraham reporting from Mumbai. I like his use of the word ‘bet’. It is not investment today is different from the past. All are taking a bet. The only difference today is the betters are betting big time today, not with their own money but with OPM.

And while Temasek has its gun sight lined up at India, Malaysia is lining up to acquire the assets in Singapore. Not a bet deal really, selling Sinkie assets at a high price and buying cheap in India. The return is tremendous, and both ways win, making good profits at home and potentially bigger profits in India. This is putting the win win formula into practice.


Matilah_Singapura said...

When you handle OPM, you can be as garang and 'action' as you like.

Betting on India however is a good move. Time to outsource more jobs there. Singapore wages are getting higher, perhaps the Indians can offer better bang for the entrepreneur's buck.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, they are doing as a "wayang", and you covered mine backs, and we ventured forth.

Dont underestimate the Civil Servants, who could be against Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

We don't call them the Pro Alien Party for nothing.

So what are we fighting for when we do our NS?

Anonymous said...

Who knows that maybe in ten years Sg may make enough money to buy the Island of Goa from India.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans sure gooder than Malaysians.
That's why they have to come work
in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Hope they do not get spoof by the Indians. They have tasted Chinese bitter gourd for several decades and still insist it was sweet. They will soon taste the Indian 'bitter' nut. They will then vomit blood.

Anonymous said...

Need no worry. The Indians are experts in dealing with this bunch. They probably got some notes from the Sinkie Indians in how to screw them all over without them knowing.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi FBI, welcome to the blog.

Think you are right. If the Indians can conquer the American financial industry with the Americans asking for more, and being able to wrestle control from the Americans in some of the too big to fail banks, they must be very good.

And they are so good that the Americans gave the banks to them to run happily. Daft Sinkies stand no chance except asking to be screwed.

Anonymous said...

No need to worry lah! Ho Jinx will make sure it is a win-win situation in any position. She is as good as any Indian snake charmer!