The quality and credibility of social media

The Bromptomgate and the Ravi case have proven beyond any doubt about the quality and credibility of the social media. Some have gone so far, walked that extra mile, to uncover the hidden truths that the public were dying to know. And social media have done that extremely well, to tell the truth, nothing but the truth.

Anyone want to disagree with me that social media is just some voices in the wilderness or some lunatics fringes? The quality and intensity in the investigation to get to the truth without being paid a single cent is simply remarkable. Social responsibility need not be bought by money. Social media is not only the voice of the people, but also the voice of conscience and social justice.

You want the truth, social media can handle it.


Anonymous said...

If one is paid to write for the ruling government,the writer is no longer an honest person

Matilah_Singapura said...

There are no 100% honest persons. Everyone is corrupt at some level. Which is damn shiok.

Sometimes social media nails it. At other times it gets it wrong. Social media is inherently chaotic and thus unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

Social media is meritocratic.

No social media blogger can silence his critics by saying;
"Limpeh kali kong ... "

The quality of your logic matters.

Anonymous said...

some times watching or reading the MSM is more interesting than fairy tales.

The reports on Ravi's case in TODAY and the media corp news is so way off compare to those i hv read on the alternative news.

I tend to believe the latter after the SMRT train door bogus stomping.

What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

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