M Ravi is so lucky

Lawyer M Ravi must count himself lucky to be in a first world city state that operates under the rule of law. In such an environment he has all the instruments of the state and law to protect him from being put into a mental institution for good and never see daylight again. We have an incorruptible govt that respects the constitution and the law, a highly regarded judiciary with upright judges, a law society made up of professional and learned men and women, and a medical profession that is beyond any ill repute. And we can count on whistle blowers and civic minded individuals that would stand up to tell the truth if anything is wrong.

Put it in another way, if Ravi is living in a communist country, or a dictatorial regime, or in the USA, he must be very wary of his personal well being and freedom. They could easily asked a stooge, like a psychiatrist to diagnose him as mad and get a lawyer to file a charge against him, then the judge will receive a phone call and know exactly what to do. The next thing is that he will be escorted by the secret police in an unmarked car and dumped into a mental institution which is really another kind of prison. Once in there, the doctors will inject into him all kinds of drugs to make him delusionary, videotaped his behavior while in a hallucinated state and publish in the media as proof that he is mad when he is really not. And that will be the last time the citizens hear of him. He will be obliterated from the pages of history.

Back to our civilized first world country, we know that such things would not happen to Ravi. The lawyers and Law Society will be there to assist and protect him in case there are funny charges leveled at him. The Medical Society will have many eminent psychiatrists to challenge any wild diagnosis raised against him. He will have the opportunity to call for a second opinion from a more renowned psychiatrist with better reputation. And he will be given a fair trial in courts when justice will be duly carried out.

Ravi is safe here. Thank God we have such a wonderful rule of law system in place and the citizens can feel so secure, unlike those communist and dictatorial regimes, or even the USA.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I am actually surprised the whole thing is being conducted so openly, with opposing views, sides and professional bodies being given a fair go, and space in the media.

Redbean, relac lah. This one looks like it's clean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think you are the one that should relac. No one is saying this one is unclean. This is done in broad daylight. It is the most transparent action yet. How can it be unclean?

Anonymous said...

Red bean, I think it is prematured to conclude till Ravi fate is known within the year.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am a free thinker and I always keep an open mind. Anything is believeable if one chooses to believe in.

Beware the wrath of god and the angels that he sent.

Eugene said...


Written by Jothie Rajah, daughter of former judge K S Rajah (passed away 2010).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Eugene.

Authoritarian rule of law is not necessary bad, and can be good if the intent is good. It can be benevolent authoritarism.

What is bad is the abuse of law and the abuse of authority to serve vested interests..

Anonymous said...

Ravi is safe now? Sure or not?

Anonymous said...

Mediacorp no need to rerun Baochingtian serials now. The real life one is more interesting. And true to the original, Baochingtian has a black face and absolutely upright. Shiok.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is not often that I praise anyone in public or any public officer. The way Judge Philip Pillai conducted himself is highly professional and highly respectable. He knows his job, his rights and what is within his jurisdition. By upholding the dignity and integrity of his office, he commands great respect from everyone, and I think even his enemies will respect him, for upholding justice and principles. He has lifted the judiciary a notch higher in the international arena. And everyone in the judiciary and the legal profession, including Singapore as a country, has Judge Pillai to thank for.

Judge Pillai is the epitome of what a civil servant shall strive to become, and be respected in an honorable way. Be truthful and professional in your duty and responsibility, without fear or favour. This is the only way to command respect and bring a good name to the profession and to oneself and to one's country.

Anyone who compromises his professional integrity will live to regret it later and no amount of money can make it look right again.

patriot said...

It is the sacred duty of any judge to ensure that justice is done. Unfortunately, from the history of mankind, there were many that deviated from doing their duties and instead got corrupted.
So, based on the history and record of Sin, Justice Pillai is liked a living Boa Qing Tian.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore's authoritarian rule of law is not unique.

Plato proposed the idea of a "benevolent dictator".

The Romans had their caesars. China had (has) a philosophy of "Confucianism".

All the above share similar traits of a form of "authoritarian" rule of law. (no democracy required, but a limited or guided)

Rajah makes interesting observations and points.

Singapore is unique. And the people get the government they deserve *Note: Rajah, Ravi, Judges, reporters etc never mention that IRREFUTABLE FACT. Lucky you have MATILAH to keep reminding you :-)

Joseph Tan said...

I love your pun redbean. For your second paragraph I thought you were referring to ex-president Devan Nair.