Inclusive society, no one left behind

With this grand motherhood statement, one can presumed that it is true, a govt position and all policies will follow suit. So anyone left behind?

All those victims of past govt policies, especially those citizens that still have no homes, ostracized, discriminated, banned, punished or for whatever reasons, not allowed to by HDB flats, it is time to show your middle finger, together as a group. Some of these were the singles, some could not find a partners to get married and their incomes exceeded the arbitrary ceilings that should not be there in the first place if the govt’s goal is to build homes for the people, not finding excuses not to build and put the blame on high demands, some waited and see their incomes grew or got promoted and found themselves screwed.

If the govt has been caring and know that it is duty bound to build flats/homes for the citizens, and did not hold back from building, there will be no demand exceeding supply problem. And the idiots could not understand that all young people started work with incomes below the ceilings and should be qualified unless they were children of millionaire ministers who already be given private properties in a silver platter.

The children of the working class, worked their way up, saved and stinged, only to be knocked out of the system because they took a little more time to save, to decide to get hitched, to save a little more, or could not get what they want because of limited supply and the curtailment of building more flats by the ministry. And it is their fault, not the ministry’s fault, for taking too long, waiting too long.

Where is the inclusiveness when citizens are not allowed to buy public housing, when new citizens could easily buy them? All discriminated citizens should send a petition to the govt to acknowledge their failure in providing housing to them as citizens, and the flawed policies of the past, not building enough flats to meet the needs of citizens. Would the govt reply that it is the citizen’s fault for not planning their lives and bad decision not to buy a flat when their incomes were low? Conversely, would the govt acknowledge that this is a problem due to flawed govt policies, not building, slow building, and allowing influx of foreigners and new citizens to join the queue to compete with local citizens?

What inclusiveness is the govt talking about? Inclusive of foreigners, new citizens, integrate them and screw the citizens? How many sinkies are out there, never bought or disqualified from buying public housing?


Anonymous said...

I am a single Singaporean. I get very pissed off that I a true-blue singaporean can't buy a HDB (with all those barriers) but a married overseas PR can!!


Anonymous said...

We can forget about asking why the Government did not do this and that.

The whole idea is that they did what they did to fatten the Government coffers. We can die and that is our own business, nothing to do with them.

Of course some blur citizens will still say that what money the government makes is also our money. My foot. Even your own money in CPF is now not your money to take out.

The only way to change the whole system is to do more in 2016 following what some Singaporeans did in 2011.

It is time to remind them to recall, repent and reconnect.

Anonymous said...

Red Beans. What happened to your website? Appears corrupted.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is either blogger trying their new format or really due to some attacks. Often I will see the Ytube frame before a post.

What I know is that there have been regularly attacking my blog on a daily basis and with greater intensity. What happened is that the bulk of the attacks could not break through blogger's firewall.

This must have make them very frustrated. My other blogs are not attacked. They are targetting mysingaporenews.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is prime target now.

TR is extinct. Mr. Wang is in hibernation. Fish is irregular. Molly is retired.

We need you to carry the torch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot about Lucky. He is the other blog still fighting the same battle and with a large following.

Anonymous said...

How many of you feel left out from the inclusive society and why?

Anonymous said...

The Pro Alien party will always include us when there is;

a.National service
b.Retention of CPF money
c.Hidden taxes like GST, ERP, maid's levy and etc.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I left behind a centre full of asshole Sheeple and have been a returning visitor to a hip, happening Hotel, where the same Sheeple immediately adopt a "better attitude"

Anonymous said...

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I have no comments.
Just keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer everyday wishing all the best for Singapore and true blue Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

No less than three Ministers were on CNA asking Sinkies to accept Foreigners. The Prime Minister was the First to do so.
Are Sinkies ready to be displaced?


Anonymous said...

This is such a small and tightly controlled country with a rich reserves of up to $1 trillion,the power that be do know exactly who are the citizens that are left behind and have no difficulty to help,it is the lack of political will,TKSS has been going on for much too long without little impact on their political power.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I almost bought a "beautiful" folding bike with changing gears from a super mart for S$99.(is the price correct ? ) It looked similar to the $2200 one bought by the Garment
Then I said to myself "Ah yah, I was a civil servant and I deserve to ride a branded bike no ??"
It is below my dignity to ride a cheap bike.