Has Asean lost its way?

The Asean Regional Forum in Phnom Penh is getting rowdy with the issue of South China Sea claims as the hot topic. Four Asean states are making counter claims to Chinese islands led by the Philippines and Vietnam and backed by the US. The Philippines are acting like a big power, sitting on the head of the American beast and raring to take on China in a fight that it hallucinating that it can be a winner like Pacquiao.

The bigger picture is that the US is the master of this regional forum, telling and dictating to all the parties how to behave, what they should do and what it would want them to do. Asean is turning out to be a vehicle of the American Empire, existing only in names with the Americans calling the shot and setting the agenda and tone of discussion.

What happens Asean? What has Asean become after being a dominant regional association and international player, calling its own shot? Apparently the association has now been hijacked by the Americans, fronted by its semi colonies, to do its bid as the Empire assumes its role as the master of the region. And the news is always about what Hillary Clinton said and what she wanted.

Ten little boys went out to play and in their innocence, or thinking too highly of themselves, invited the gangsters to join them in their game. Now the gangsters are taking over the game, brought in their knives, wrote the rules and telling the little boys how to play. The little boys can only LL.


Anonymous said...

Before this rise of China thingee, the Americans were in the pacific since WWII and besides the Vietnam war scare, the waters were very peaceful. I was a small boy then and i thought oh, the south china sea was from Singapore to Kusu island ! But ever since China became powerful, i am afraid for this region. I just want my peace back. China can rise and i am proud of her being of Chinese descent myself. But with her rise ...what's happening?

Anonymous said...

The ASEAN formed some 45 years ago in Bangkok is a non-starter.Different culture,religion.rate of economic growth,political beliefs and rivalry cannot forge a cohesive organisation.Asean is just rubbish

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Is the rising tension the fault of China and its rise? Those islands were claimed by China centuries back before any of the Asean country was even know as a nation.

Now, with the Empire behind them, they wanted to claim Chinese territories as theirs.

Who would you think is the trouble maker if a foreigner walks into you flat and claim that one of the rooms belong to him? You because you told the foreigner off, or the foreign or whoever encourages the foreign to act so?

Anonymous said...

When China was not that powerful, people blame them for trying to export communism. Now that China ia a little powerful, people blame them for trying to flex it's muscle.

Who is behind all this shit? There can be no peace anywhere that the Americans step into. And the Pinoys are trying to leverage on the American power by strutting its feathers like a peacock.

There is a saying by the Russians that suits them perfectly: "If you are a rooster, crow. If you are a hen, shut up and lay eggs"

Anonymous said...

When a hen is not a hen.
When a cock is called a hen.

Then how?

Anonymous said...

"...Those islands were claimed by China centuries back before any of the Asean country was even know as a nation...."

Singapore MUST return to the Johor sultanate, wait a minute or was it the Majapahit, oh no, its the Sri vijaya (Indonesians).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore no need lah. Singapore was returned to Malaysia in 1963. All historical inequalities ended there. Colonial history closed.

In 1965, Tengku gave Singapore independence, or kenna kicked out from Malaysia. Whatever, that was the beginning of a new chapter for Singapore, given independence by Malaysia, not colonised or seized from Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Asean lost its way?

I always thought that grouping was just a shadow play all along. Cho Boh Lan and talking cock all the time.

Anonymous said...

WHY ah gong diam diam ??

Anonymous said...

no need to make so much noise or rattle the sabres. all countries involved just settle the case at international court of justice.

Anonymous said...

i overheard this when i was walking in new york city. a white lady insulted an arabic looking man by calling him a muslim terrorist. he shouted back: "who brought 20 million africans to the americas & enslaved them for 200 years? who killed 10 million red indians? who started ww1? who started ww2? who killed 6 million jews? not the muslim terrorist. it's you white people!!!" asean better don't be stupid and let the white devil mess with your countries.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the number of red indian bodies lying in the prairies after each genocide...tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, men, women, young and old, butchered and their land, stocks etc robbed from them. The prairies must be turned red in colour.

The white Americans are the most peace loving people, the hope of civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Settle the score once and for all.

The Victor shall call the shot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Should remind the Vietnamese how they blasted their country and fertilised their land with Agent Orange.

And ask the Japs what it was like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Anonymous said...

and to add insult to injury, did you read the other day in the straits times, a us court fined iran 8 billion dollars for bombing their marine barracks in beirut during the lebanese civil war in the 1980s?

Anonymous said...

more bombs were dropped in vietnam than in the whole of ww2. can u imagine such a bully? and the use of the inhumane chemical weapons in vietnam. it is worse than the holocaust. the us was very famous for bringing down democratically elected govts in south america and central america that didn't agree with the us policies. the cia replaced these govts with corrupt despotic military juntas who tortured and massacred their peoples in the 50s, 60s, 70s. such an evil nation this so-called champion of democracy. then the juntas allowed in big us corporations into their countries and suck them dry. i hope one day china will teach the us a lesson they will never forget. such an evil empire.

Anonymous said...

Well, every decades or so they have to get rid of those obsolete bombs and other weapons. What better way than to drop them on someone else territory when no one else wants to buy.

The current stockpile of obsolete bombs will probably find its way to Iram or Syria. That is the plot of the evil empire and it's stooges.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Americans are trying to use the Phillippines as proxy to go against China. The same way they are using Israel against the Middle East countries. Divide and conquer is their objective.

But the difference is that while Israel has some leverage against the US, the Phillippines is going to be used and discarded in due course.

Anonymous said...

Having visited Vietnam and know the Vietnamese people,and despite the heavy caualities the US inflicted on them.Vietnam tend to find the USA a more reliable ally than China. So is the case of Japan

denk said...

*Having visited Vietnam and know the Vietnamese people,and despite the heavy caualities the US inflicted on them.Vietnam tend to find the USA a more reliable ally than China. So is the case of Japan*

this is a well known malady
they called it *house slave syndrome*

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Japan needs the Americans to protect them as the latter had handed Chinese territories to them, ie Okinawa chain of islands and Diaoyutai. The Chinese islands would have to be taken back one day. Japan also fears a united Korea after committing so many hideous crimes against that country and the Koreans.

The Vietnamese hate the Chinese not so much as the historical vassal state status. It was China that foiled their plans to conquer and rule Laos and Cambodia under the Indochinese Federation plan. If China had not stepped in, they would have been running Laos and Cambodia today and threatening Thailand as well, as the new military power.

The Americans are history and can be used to threaten China. They forgot that America can no longer threaten China. Any war between the two will lead to total annihilation of both countries.

Anonymous said...

"Wash a pig as much as you like, it still goes back to the mud"

Anonymous said...

Japan is the one country that can never, never be trusted. Yes they need America badly, being the biggest markets for their products.

Not to worry. At one time many of these poodles were looking towards the British Empire for protection, including Singapore. When the chips are down, they just throw them to the sharks.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The small-dick Asians in ASEAN have sucked so much American cock over the years. They've lost all self-respect, and loath what they do but they continue to do it.

So suck away ASEAN, let Daddy Capt America bukkake all over your fake-smile Asian mugs.

The Philippines is an entire cuntree which plays out like a cartoon. You have gals who like sharing pussy, and guys who act tough and carry guns. Hence the cartoon nature of the narratives from the Land Of Pinoys and San Miguel. So the gals can give away pukis to US Forces, and the act-tough guys can "join" with their US pares (brothers) to kwai lan with China. And everyone is either drunk or high or both.

Is this some funny off the wall shit or what?

Anonymous said...

The pinoys are going to buy an aircraft carrier to fight with the Americans. They are starting to count their pesos.

Anonymous said...

The Pinoys are jsut trying to relive their former glory since being overtaken by the rest of Asean. And what better way than to hang on to the coat-tails of their former master and trying to be 'kay ang moh'

From being the most prosperous country in SEA at one time to their present status tells you a lot about their mentality. No backbone type.

Anonymous said...

Plse accord us Pinoys some respect, rest assured that we will outdo Sin from now on.
Watch out, okay?

Anonymous said...


Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies, please respect the Pinoys. They will takeover this country and make Tagalog our national language soon. Our children have started to learn tagalog like their mother tongue.

Anonymous said...

ASEAN should disband itself as it is hijacked by the Evil Empire, USA

ASEAN should disband itself as it is hijacked by the Evil Empire, USA
Eng Lam Yeo

9:04 PM (11 minutes ago)

to me
ASEAN should disband. It is no more the ASEAN as it used to be but is
now hijacked by the Evil Empire USA as a tool and medium to sow
discord among Asian nations. In the last five hundred years the West
or European countries including Russia used Christianity as a pretextt
to spread their religion but in actual fact made used of it to justify its
brutal terrorism of the whole world in killing, murdering , conducting
war of aggression to attack and conquer all other countries on the
ground that all heathens or non Christians should be killed and
eliminated and their lands to be taken over for their Christian god.
The US did better in terrorism than its forbear, Imperial Britain .
Since its independence from it mother country England, US has been the
epitome of Western terrorism. US started by sowing discord among the
separate native American Indian states in North America , supporting
one against the other and instigating them to fight and kill against
each other. In the course of the internecine native strive when all
the native American states were severely weakened US stepped in to
take full control to conquer and eliminate all the native American
Indian states. During this brutal war against the native American
states US from the years between 1775s to 1960s had murdered , killed
and genocided not less than ninety-five percent of the American
natives equivalent to about eighty-five million natives in total.
Subsequently all the native Indian states were annexed to form the
United States of America and whereby hundreds of millions of white men from Europe
were encouraged to migrate to America.

US aggression did not stop with the conquest of the native American
states. It went on to find an excuse to attack and conquer Mexico. In
between the years 1840s to 1870s it conquered and annexed not less
than one million six hundred thousand square miles of Mexican lands
comprising the present states of Florida, Nevada, Utah, Texas, New
Mexico, Dakota and California. In the years from 1905 it went on to
attack and conquer the island kingdoms of the Pacific Ocean such as
Hawaii , Guam and other smaller islands.

Now US is continuing its war of aggression worldwide under the false
pretext of fighting for freedom, democracy and human rights. In the
19th Century ,the West including US, Russia and Japan subjected China
to their terrorism and wanton wars of aggression , In their concerted
war of aggression against a weak China under the decadent Ching
Dynasty , they took away from China millions of square miles of
territory either through fraud, intrigue,force or unequal
treatise. Now in a similar manner US is using the same repulsive
tactic of sowing discord among Asian nations and using unsuspecting
and unthinking proxies like Japan, Vietnam and the phillipines to
fight its proxy wars against China. In the past the West could attack
China freely at will because it was weak. Now they know they could not
because the present China is strong enough to stand up to their
aggression, so they have to resort to the dirty intrigue of using so
called allies to carry out the proxy wars on their behalf.

America and the West still believe they have the right to conquer and
dominate the whole world under their agenda of total domination in all
spheres including political, religious , finance and economics, and
they are doing this with the connivance of the jews of Israel and the
Jews in Europe and America. So ASEAN beware of the evil WEST and USA
or else all Asians will be destroyed, conquered and enslaved by White
men again. Lets not allow history to repeat itself.


Joseph Collins said...

Japan is the one country that can never, never be trusted. Yes they need America badly, being the biggest markets for their products. Not to worry. At one time many of these poodles were looking towards the British Empire for protection, including Singapore. When the chips are down, they just throw them to the sharks.

Johnson said...

WHY ah gong diam diam ??