Consider Mercedes or BMWs for staff cars

During the early days of Mindef, most staff cars are Minis, Fords, a few Japanese makes and a few Mercedes for the top brass. But those days cost was important as the country was not that rich. Today we have billions and billions in our reserve and maybe it is timely that Mindef or the other ministries should go for quality since money is no longer a problem.

And going for quality is not extravagant really. Buying cheap cars is like penny wise pound foolish. A Mercedes or BMW is made to last for 20 years unlike the other cheaper makes that would last no more than 10 years. And the ride is so much better and comfortable. And there is the safety aspect to care for. Mercedes and BMWs are built with many safety features which will make them so much safer for the passengers, our NS men. Oh, include in the specs to have 4 airbags, two in front, two behind, plus side protection bars and anti roll bars. Safety is of paramount importance and cannot be compromised.

Buy quality is not wasting money. Mercedes and BMWs must give me a commission for this brilliant suggestion. And with two of them submitting for the tenders, there is a price comparison and competition, and the contract can be given to the lowest bid. Can throw in Audi if three bids are needed.

Remember, quality comes with a price. Can cheaper, better and faster mean quality also? If that can be so, then no one will want to buy expensive goods. Start by changing all the chairs and office furnitures.


Anonymous said...

aiyoh, you are behind time leh.

School principals already have these type of cars, and even the two former SLA employees have ferrai lah.

Dont act blur blur lah.

Anonymous said...

"A Mercedes or BMW is made to last for 20 years unlike the other cheaper makes that would last no more than 10 years".

You are so right for once. Sinkies have been pampered by the govt with Mercedes and Volvos to school and to work for so long. Why ? Because they are reliable and offer value in the long term. Sinkies dont have to come down and push the bus, and sinkies have clean air to breathe. Naturally, our MRT cabins are made by none other Kawasaki, not some China made. Thats why, the sinkies populace have been pampered for so long.

Anonymous said...

What I really want to see:

Millionaire Ministers flying budget airlines.

Low priced airlines for low class performance.

Anonymous said...

If you study in Nanyang Primary School and you fail your PSLE, you blame the teacher ? And therefore the teacher cannot own a car and must take the bus because you failed ? Walau eh, where got this type of warped logic ?

Anonymous said...

Cannot make them fly budget lah. Think of safety and comfort, and also dignity.

Anonymous said...

Whatever decency and conscience that the Pappies had in the past had long lost since the 1980s. From then on the Pappies can be identified as similar to the super crooks, rogues and scoundrels in every position of high power in both the government and private sectors in the demoncratic government of the Evil Empire, the United States of America. These same facceless crooks and scoundrels managed to beguile the public and once elected they lose no time to formulate policies and governance for their own self satisfying gains and benefits and to the detriment of the country and the people at large. They like to ape and copy all the wrong things from the West especially the US which is creating trouble all over the world from political and territorial issues to commercial and financial issues. At home the Pappies are hosting Singapore as a military base for the Evil Empire, USA and encouraging it to create trouble in East Asia and the South China Sea. It is illegally holding the people's CPF to ransom to prop up their losses in gambling with all losing wrong investments in toxic US financial products or doubtful business concerns. These arrogant Pappies will soon lead Singapore to destruction in no time unless the people wake up and do something to change the political perspective of the island state.

Eagles Eye

Anonymous said...

Can somebody come up with a blog pictures and monitor what all our ministers are driving? It would be so fun to tag and let the peasants see how they walk their talk and preach frugality to the people at the same time. Citizen journalism...people just shoot and take picture voluntarily.

Anyone, please?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Eagles Eye. The govt is trying very hard to serve the people. And Temasek just reported $10.7b profit and its portfolio is at record high. They must be doing very well. Just sit home and relax and wait for a share of this great profit. I am sure every Sinkie will be happy to know of this and waiting happily to get some bonuses.

As for Anon 9:27's suggestion, only the Stomp people will be good at this. But be warned, it is an offence, I think, to tail a minister.

Anonymous said...

aiyoh, you people are so behind time, confirmed.

Do you know continental cars outsell japanese cars in Singapore ? That means the probability of seeing your chicken rice stall seller driving a BMW is higher than you see him driving a Toyota. The reason him driving a BM is probably because he sells a good chicken rice, he worked hard, used his EQ plus some entrepreneur skills and mix with the right company.

So dont waste ur time tailing a Minister. I m sure you got better things to do.

Anonymous said...

redbean is trying hard to be a good boy today. Keep it up. But don't bet on Santa claus to come, most of the money's for your grandchildren. Though some will come your way.

If you are a good boy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You all don't be so naughtly lah. Would it not be nice to see our NS men moving around in Mers and BMs. And safer too. Add in tinted windscreen to reduce glare, good quality hifi system and aircon.


Matilah_Singapura said...

When you spend money that is already "sunken" as in tax-dollars, you can justify anything.

Any opinion written on blogs is not worth shit, because no amount of blog-talk is going to change the outcome. People are always going to citicise how the government spends money obtained from the taxpayer.

The point is, as the state, the government, you can spend the money any fucking way you can dream up.

With absolute power comes authoritative privilege. Go nuts. Justify and rationalise, if you so choose (you are under no obligation to explain) .

I like Ike said...

So,@Matilah 1227, to prevent the crappiness of absolute government power would you suggest limited intrusion by the state into fields of human behaviour and transactions? Like that great well known non-nanny state, Australia??

Matilah_Singapura said...

Are you kidding? Australia a "non" nanny state?

The motherfucking government(s) here control EVERYTHING. We have 3 levels -- and they are all wankers.

I would say Australia is a few notches more "socially liberal" than anal-retentive Singapore. However Singapore is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Australia as far as economic liberty is concerned.

No one can escape the absolute power of the state -- any state. The best option thus far is to have many places available to you where you can then exploit the various liberties LEGALLY. These days it is not much of an issue to live in more than one territory.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. I choose to deal with the Singapore govt ANYDAY over the US, UK or Aust Federal governments.

As long as you remain "low key" in Singapore, you can just about do anything you like :-)

I like Ike said...

Was being facetious lah, @Matilah. Visitors to Australia can feel the nanny-ism seeping into their bones after a week or so of watching how cowed the majority are into unconsciously accepting what their masters tell them to see/think/do.

Compared to Singapore, pretty similar levels of obedience to a different set of core rules. All kept in rough balance through the divide and conquer approach of two opposing tribes: e.g. http://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2012/06/a-tilt-in-australian-liberalism/ .

In Oz, people get the illusion of freedom of opinion while in Singapore the mass delusion is that economic freedom you spoke of. That is, the freedom to "die your business". Plus ├ža change, eh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, it is all an illusion in the minds of the masses. Some think they can think without knowing that how they think has already been programmed by the matrix.

North Koreans bad, abject poverty.
China, aggressive, want to conquer other countries.
Arab countries, trouble makers.
Americans, good sugar daddy, kind, generous and peace loving..yuck!
Singapore, free market to make all the money you want....

Anonymous said...

Me quite envy Matilah Singapura, he says what he wants to and goes after the assholes. Yet he is much like by many here and certainly at many places where he is entertained. The best part of him is his zen-like attainment of non attachment to anything. All that he needs is fun.

Matilah Singapura can deal and live with everybody, that is the most beautiful thing about him. How I wish all can be as lucky as him.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wrong. All that he needs is himself.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, you fuckers are actually "analysing" my needs?

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

I agreed with you. They have to start somewhere. Perhaps the NP bicycle thing is indicative of things to come??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The last minister that still has some unthinking believers, Boon Wan could lose all his credibility in this Bromptongate. It is likely to break the dam. The money involved is small, not even a peanut, not even a raisin. But it is the principle and moral under attack.

The police did a very decent purchasing job by getting Subaru WRX to chase speedsters instead of Ferraris or Lamboghinis. All could do the job but Subaru could be had for a song.

This Bromptongate could plant ideas into some who wanted a Ferrari and get two quotes in a tender, Ferrari and a Lamb. The cheaper quote gets the order.

Anonymous said...

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