The world’s 4th most liveable place

Why Sinkies complaining? Singapore is the world’s 4th most desirable place to live. It is so spacious, so clean and so easy to get around. If they raise the COEs to $200k, it will mean the roads will be a joy to drive. And the houses are so big, with swimming pools. There is no need to even live the house to enjoy life.

Now where got traffic jams and people jams? The only jams are the high quality imported fruit jams in the high end supermarkets. Hardly have to squeeze with a foreign worker in all the nice places. This is truly paradise, better than Swiss standard of living.

What? Got people living in 90 sq m flats? And what, some living in 50 sq m flats? Hollycow, no joke! Never know that they exist. Never come across or meet such people. Come look at my neighbourhood, come enjoy my sea front view and the private berth for my yacht.


Anonymous said...

In other words, it is good to be loaded. 6.5M can all be loaded, they figured.

Anonymous said...

RB is probably living a "loaded life" . With his sympathy for the struggling class, is he willing to compromise his standard of living( lesser growth) or will he seek out paradise in....greener pasture?

The answer is obvious isnt it?

Anonymous said...

I support more population. I am fully invested.

Anonymous said...

Have you visited all the major cities recently? There is no comparison. Why? We never stop growing.

Anonymous said...

Red has many multi millionaired frens, maybe even billionaires colleagues. Dont forget he was ex-civil servant n he is in the financial industry. The two places he has worked and working in r filled wth filthy loaded folks. What is money and vice?? Sap sap sui lab,!

Anonymous said...

RB definitely is for slower growth, life here is too fast for him.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect, you rub shoulders with loaded folks and you wanna talk about slower growth?

Anonymous said...

Do you know how uncomfortable the Christian president looked in heartland markets?

Better stay in his palace and dine with the rich and powerful. They won't last a minute coming down to earth. Inevitably, more caviar to wash down cheap coffee

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Think Australia, a continent. Their govt is very careful not to mess it up by going for quick fixes and short term high. They take it as their responsibility to ensure that the future generation of Australians will inherit the same Australia today, not worst off.

What is more money to the filthy rich? Think deeper and think further. This island is pea size and cannot keep growing by adding more people here. Some corners of the elite who are brave enough to take the contrarian view are speaking out against this madness to destroy the island for short term gains. It is silly, hare brain scheme.

All Singaporeans must think responsibly and try to preserve this island for all its goodness. We have built a little paradise and it is time to consolidate and not to put all the stakes on the table, playing big like big time gamblers. Winner takes all. If lose, still take some more or scoot when nothing is left to take.

Anonymous said...

You wanna impress, pop a bottle of $10k wine and wash your hands with it. I drink cheap coffee no more than $1.50.

Who your sons and daughters going to listen to?

They go to RI and Hwa Chong right? Why? So that one day they can Pop $10k bottle of wine in London or New York.

You talk cock lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Australian cities -- very liveable

Singapore -- also very liveable

People keep telling me "you have the best of both worlds".

I think they are right.

Anonymous said...

Aussies may take it slowly, and often screwed it up by being too socialists. One thing for sure, they will not be choked by the lump of morsel in their mouth. And they will continue to lie under the sun and sip their wine.

Sinkies will be rushing to place their bets for the next condo and shouting huat ah, huat ah every day.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is not Australia.

Singapore face different problems from Australia.

Singapore is so small, it can cease to exist and nobody will even notice.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is not Australia.

Singapore face different problems from Australia.

Singapore is so small, it can cease to exist and nobody will even notice.

jjgg said...


Everybody...everyplace...same same la..if Singapore not around...who cares...if Australia not around..who cares...if China not around...who cares...the world will adapt la..maybe RB not around I will care for about 2 days then proceed to read other blogs la...

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ anon 1248:

You hit it: you want to be socialist? Then first be lucky and/or rich. Aust has a small population with a huge 300 year capital structure.

Before anyone else wants to make the case that Singapore should follow Australia, come here and live and WORK or run a business for some time...and then talk.

You will notice: every payday about 1/3 of ==> YOUR MONEY <==, earned through your own efforts, is missing -- seized by the government to run their HUGE FREE-MONEY-FOR-LOSERS programs aka "WELFARE" -- not only for loser people, but for loser BIG corporations. Small business? Get fucked.

@anon 612:

Correct. Singapore fucks up -- big disaster. Australia has been fucked up for years...and life goes on ;-)

Adapt yourself to wherever you are and whatever the situation. To me, that is the key.

redbean is trying to find a "universal solution" to every human, political and social problem.

IMHO the reality is this:

1. Singapore will increase its population

2. People and businesses will be facing direct, open competition. Adapt and get stronger

3. Real estate prices will trend upward not only because of population increase but because the MAS is allowing the money supply to increase, thereby diminishing the purchasing power of the SGD

4. Introduction of massive social and corporate welfare programs will bankrupt the cuntry in less than one generation. Singapore women will have to suck cock and scrub floors in rich neighbouring cuntrees to generate income. Imagine your daughter with Malaysian UMNO dick in her mouth, and earning RM10 for her "talent"? You want that?

5. The government can't help you -- even though they claim to "help".

6. CPF is a tax. HDB is a scam. Together they form a tight system suited to the manipulation of large segments of the population for political ends.

7. The people get the government they deserve

Matilah_Singapura said...

I just joined them. ATA

Like most people, I've had enough of this bullshit. The more of my own money I keep, the more fun I can have in Hotel Singapore.

More money for me, more money for Singapore. Win win.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Matilah to think that I am trying to solve the world's problem as if I am up to it. I am not even qualified to be a talent here. Let the super talent do it.

What I have been kpkb about is to hold the horses and not allow them to run over the cliff. It is crazy the things that are being done, as if there is no tomorrow, unlimited resources to do anything we please.

If we don't know our limitations and jump into the abyss, led by the blind or those high in drugs, then we deserve to be screwed and hung dry.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, I say :Run the horses and the consequences be dammned.

No one can say what the real outcome will be. Sometimes you have to risk to ensure you might win so that you can have a future.

Open face-to-face competition might be "uncomfortable" and chaotic, but as we've seen in nature, there's order in chaos and order which emerges from chaos.

I for one approve of face-to-face open and free competition. In fact, I look forward to it. And sometimes, I lose. So what? Everyone loses sooner or later, but that doesn't make you are LOSER.

Losers are those who just give up and don't even want to TRY any more let alone DO with full commitment and intent.

Anonymous said...

In the jungle world of oni the fittest survives, there is always the weak tat has to die and be sacrificed. TAT IS THE REALITY OF LIFE.
Although the HUMAN WORLD is supposed to be ideal as espoused by philosophers, man(kind) however, is just another animal and the World will remain a jungle till the end.


Anonymous said...

Not only the weak must perishes, the winner must have all. Greed afterall, knows no bound.