Stop immigrants - Australia

In the ST today, 50% of Australians in a poll wanted to stop immigrants into Australia. They fear that more immigrants will cause stress to the country’s infrastructure as well as unemployment problems.

How could Australians be worried about over population? If they do not want the new immigrants, Singapore is waiting with open arms. Send them over, we can continue to grow our population to create more growth. Yes, more population means more growth. Can’t the Australians understand this simple economic principle? Australians stupid or what?

In another 20 years Singapore will have a bigger population than Australia and our economy would probably more than triple than what it is today and leave the Australians far far behind. And every Singaporean will be a millionaire.


Anonymous said...

Do you really and honestly think our talented turkeys can manage more citizens, PRs and foreign workers?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Only certain types (mostly dinosaurs) don't want immigration.

The business community wants immigration. Big business definitely wants immigration.

Although the land area is big, liveability in mostly harsh Australia requires billions of dollars of on-going infrastructure.

At the moment, Australia is taking in too many refugees and (so-called) "asylum seekers" -- they have little choice in this. as the boats just show up in Australian territorial waters nearly everyday. The poor Indo fishermen (mostly) who captain the vessels of illegals are charged in court, boats destroyed and jailed...where they feast on steak, have "humane" treatment, and can see a lawyer anytime they please. The refugees are hearded into camps, and when the camps are full, they stay in HOTELS...all at the taxpayers expense. Once granted residency status, through expensive DUE PROCESS, the poor foreigners get "assistance" for relocation. In some cases, houshold items are bought for them -- fridge, washing machine, and the kids get put into schools. If they're Muslim (and many are), they get more "assistance" and are allowed to enter a PRIVATE fee-paying educational establishment in accordance with their religious beliefs. Pretty good deal.

No wonder the average working stiff who pays an effective rate of 50% tax is pissed off. The locals have to work and pay for all that shit themselves.

However if you want to emigrate to Oz LEGALLY, the Feds make you jump through a barrage of hoops -- character references, police criminal clearance, medical tests, interviews, sponsors...and then slugs you with a hefty fee.

When (so-called) compassion goes crazy, one segment of the population (the working middle class) gets fucked over good and proper.

But like I always say...follow the money. Business loves it. They get "training guarantee payments" if they take on apprentices...who compete with locals for jobs. Govt contractors -- money for jam. Those refugee holding facilities need construction, engineering, furniture, uniforms, staffing, food, medical facilities, legal aid...the list goes on.

Tax payer funded gravy train money will trump democracy ANYDAY.

Got tears?

Anonymous said...


RB not only thinks our Turkeys are the best Money can buy ....

He practically worships the ground they walk on ...

RB think you need to put disclaimer liao?

Some articles suan/mocking are intentional


Matilah_Singapura said...

In other words, you'll find the same o same o story about immigration in most countries. Western Europe -- same deal. People are pissed off with their governments.

In Singapore, the level of anger is not at boiling point yet. All you read is "vote opposition" in next election. In Western Europe, the locals are angry, as they are in the USA.

In Australia, the fat bastards can't be bothered -- now and then you get some anger in the media, but by and large people are sitting on their 120kg fat arses and enjoying their high pay, now averaging over AUD 5k per month

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, life is full of comic relief, especially when the govt can afford to throw money at problems.

Bengster, you get value for money. The more the pay, the better the value.

Anonymous said...


UPDATE 1-Singapore April inflation rate up as housing costs soar

* April CPI +5.4 pct y/y vs 5.3 pct market forecast

* Core inflation in April was 2.7 pct y/y and 0.4 pct m/m

* Housing costs biggest April contributor, up 11.1 pct y/y

* Singapore reiterates 3.5-4.5 percent forecast for 2012