Singaporeans will be top priority!

"We are trying to seek the maximum advantage for Singapore and Singaporeans," so said the Prime MinisterThe headline stated: "S'poreans will always be top priority: PM Lee"

Mr Fish has written an article in his blog, Feed Me To The Fish on this bo pian logic. He has said all there is to be said. I will just add a few points to highlight this twisted logic that is disadvantaging many Singaporeans, our children. One thing, giving a new citizen a pink IC and called him Singaporean and let him have all the privileges, including top jobs and even sitting in Parliament is bull. To me it is deceit. Applying this concept, we can have 2 million additional Singaporeans, new citizens, to enjoy the maximum advantage taken from the original Singaporeans. And the excuse, they are Singaporeans, look, pink IC. A Singaporean, by law, is a Singaporean. Losers cannot argue against such brilliant logic and reasons.

The next thing, any policy depriving Singaporeans from housing/university places, medical benefits etc etc for whatever shitty reasons is anti Singaporeans when new citizens are allowed to take maximum advantage over original Singaporeans. With new citizens and PRs having the choice of selling off their properties at a profit and move on, the Singaporeans will end up buying the inflated price housing to stay for good is not something that is advantageous to Singaporeans. Singaporeans ended up as suckers, especially those barred from pubic housing for shit reasons and shit logics.

And licenses were issued to foreigners, including PRs, to compete with Singaporeans for small business like agencies etc etc. Maybe this is a sadistic way to make the Singaporeans work harder and become more competitive.

I must say that many Singaporeans, especially the elite, are maximising their advantages as Singaporeans, but some corners of Singaporeans are being greatly disadvantaged if the govt cares to look and cares to know. And turning foreigners into new citizens in hordes is definitely not pro Singaporeans. A Singaporean disadvantaged is a Singaporean disadvantaged. Need proof? Does the govt know that many Singaporeans are disadvantaged by its policies? No?


Anonymous said...

Yes, we should chase away all these foreigners for driving up the property prices. These foreigners have the power to drive up property prices, although they form only 15% of all property purchases, the rest Singaporeans. The govt should depress property so that everyone can afford.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans first priority to be skinned when they buy properties, cars, and...to serve NS.

Anonymous said...

RB , it's getting very tricky , old singaporean versus "new" singaporean ... the distinction will soon be lost , give it (pappy) one generation , and the white wash will be complete ... the likes of you and I who love to KPKB won't be around long enuf hence ... time is not on our side. Accept it 吧。

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon, we will be passe.

But cannot give up. Got children and grandchildren. This generation must not give up on them. We must not allow this island to be destroyed when it is time for them to take over.

I know many have already made preparation to run when things are bad by buying big pieces of real estate overseas. Many would not be able to do so. I may want to run too, but nothing like home where we grow up in.

Sinkies must not give up. Like they said, over my dead body: )

Anonymous said...

agree with you.

We must take back our island

true blue singaporeans are definitely worst off

the mega growth of last 5 years only benefit a handful of people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All Sinkies new or old must unite and say Enough is Enough for the good of all Sinkies. Put a stop to all the new influx. Say No More.

Then we should consolidate our position and work on this population and move on. It cannot be a no end solution or like their salary, no cap, just keep on adding and adding.

Anonymous said...

Let's use the coming Hougang By-election as the barometer.
If Opposition wins by 70% in the said Election,we Singaporeans can safely say change is on the way.

On the other hand, if Opposition wins by below 55%, then surely the other 45% will join the 60% that voted for PAP in the Last GE. And the 2016 GE will be a foregone conclusion.

Anonymous said...

And like to add that PAP may stand to win in Hougang By-election in a freak result too.

Anonymous said...

It's like a boy telling many girls that he loves her. Does he really mean it, to the new girlfriend, to the old girlfriend, to the under aged girlfriend, or to the elderly girlfriend? Any girl who believe him is taking a big risk.

There is a good chance he loves only himself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Exactly. All of us got children and grandchildren. How are our children and grandchildren going to buy property if price keep on going up ? We need Opposition to come in to crash the property market through some dragonian Singapore first policies. And like redbean said, its enough! No more influx of foreign cheap labour! And we should increase salary of local citizens who served NS, for eg through the 50% wage hike. General workers and construction labourers should get at least $1500 upwards, nurses maybe start from $3000, road sweepers $1500, bus captains $2800, waitors from $2000 onwards. Surely you will get many Singaporeans applying. We should also impress the opposition, if elected, tweak the labour laws so that employers will not abuse Singaporeans. They derserve rest and respect, and no strenous work under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Their salary keep on adding and adding while our salary stagnate. All their salary should come down to our level. How they going to attract good people? I dont know. Good people are not motivated by money. One good example is redbean.
I am sure he can be a very good finance minister since he is in finance indusry for some time. :)

Anonymous said...

We oppose the Pro Alien Party because it is the right thing to do.

It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB,

Must Watch

Money, Power Politics and Wall Street
FRONTLINE probes a Wall Street culture that remains focused on risky trades


This is about derivatives, do you think Temasek or our GIC are expose to this shit?

They must have some on their books?

Everyone was TARED and our elites thinking their so smart! must have hedges in it?

Shit sounds scary... Elites Play while the People Pay!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just read their annual reports and see who is reaping huge profits from trading in our market and you can guess they are in. This is criminal, daylight robbery.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh will read them tonight.

Anonymous said...

Noted , pls watch the doc and see what u think of this whole fiasco ?

Really wondering if our own is tangled in thus mess too ?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you read my postings, I have been warning about this for quite some time. The Americans are now forcing the Chinese govt to let them sell these snake oil. China must be smart not to let them in. This is the only thing left in the American system to rob the world.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I would say that if you don't maximise any situation, you are a dumb fuck who deserves to lose.

With every situation there exists an "angle" (aka "lobang" in Singlish) which you can "exploit" to better the default outcome.

People who look for opportunities usually do better than those who just give up, whine, and surrender to the gods of fate, so that they can "validate" their loser status by blaming someone else or circumstance.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Never trust a politician to solve your problems or run your life.

If you are intelligent and emotionally mature, you will know that the only one who can make you a "top priority" is your own self.

Stop with the "victim mentality" already!

Anonymous said...

Why PRs are rank the same when balloting NDP tickets ? Singaporean priority ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

They are welcome to my ticket. In fact if a PR wanted to wipe his exotic foreign asshole with my ticket, he is welcome to do so.

Any full-blooded patriotic Singaporean will have the intelligence to fuck off somewhere for a short holiday every year around August 9.

The NDP is a salute to the PAP, not the cuntree and its people. That rhetoric, along with the impassioned flag-waving is total bullshit.

Just because you hang a flag from where you normally hang your sister's panties doesn't automatically make you a patriot.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on the NDP a long time ago.

At lest when our Unit 3 SIR did a march pass way back in 93,it was still in front of serfsgaporeans

If i ever get tickets i will flush it down the loo as it does not fit even to be a ass wipe....

Diapers and Politicians must be changed at every opportunity !

As both are FULL OF SHIT!


Matilah_Singapura said...

In "mature" democracies, people spend their national holiday with their families, and friends doing regular or special "civilian" activities like barbeque, orgies, picnics etc.

In authoritarian-type cuntrees, there is always some kind of bullshit show put on by the government so people an gawk in awe of how fantastic their state has been to them. It "reminds" the people how "lucky" they are, and that their good fortune, in a large part, is due to their (usually corrupt) government...fuck that shit lah.

I've participated in 7 NDP's. 2 years as guard of honour with the shiny bayonet and Number 1 parade dress, and 5 years as a school kid running around in ridiculous costume doing meaningless and embarrassing choreographed motions for what?

Its like the PAP -- all seated at their special place in the front like imperial overlords, and we the bloody fools performing for their so-called glory, elevated status of self-importance, and their pleasure.

Wake up, you fools.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nah. On the other hand...stay asleep. You wake up also no point. You wouldn't know how to live without your government telling you how to shit and wipe your backside. ;-)

Shhhh...sleep tight, little babes. Everything is alright. PAP look after you ok?

Anonymous said...

Some Sinkies are overjoyed to just touch a Man In White(parliamentarian), even through their babies!
They will be smiling in their sleeps or become sleepless because of over-excitement.
Heard many a NDP participant blowing trumpet about being invited or in participation in just organizing it.

Sinkies sink and drown very willingly.