The same Western shit in the media

China is heading for a hard landing. The housing bubble is going to burst, the banks are going bankrupt, the wasteful squandering of money on infrastructure, etc etc will bring China down on its knee. Don’t worry about the mismanagement and recession in the West. The problem in China is much bigger.

And the North Koreans, they are living a very miserable life, abject poverty, the people are starving. What else is new?

Would our reputable and Asian based CNA send some of their objective reporters to the two countries and write some first hand reports on these two countries? Oh, I think the CNA was invited and did send some reporters there. I am sure their feel on the ground would be more credible than those dumb academics that have not set foot in North Korea. Or they are afraid to say anything that differs from the enlightened Western academics, or they don’t believe what they saw. Ya, all propaganda, on see what they are allowed to see.

Just look at their infrastructure, the dressing of the people, the fat on their faces and please don’t print those skin and bone pictures of the 1950s. China also have plenty of those pictures of the 30s or 50s. Singapore also have some real poverty pictures if one cares to find them. One thing for sure, North Korea is no third world country that is barren with streets filled with hungry and sick people. There are not living in abject poverty. Their homes may cost $10,000 but are landed and much bigger than the mickey mouse flats that we called home and paid hundreds of thousands or millions for it.

When will Asian media gain some pride in reporting Asian truths instead of fabricated half truths from the West with western agenda? Every dunce from the West is uttering words like abject poverty, starving etc etc. Do they know what they are saying? Do they really know what the shit is happening in North Korea, or in China?

It is quite sick and insulting to feed readers with such biased thrash practically daily. Is there an agenda or the blind telling the blind?


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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is no doubt that there is a big balloon out there is China waiting to burst. But so are there balloons everywhere, even here in Sin. It is only how well they manage it to prevent a collapse.

And so will everyone clap. The point is that the US has collapsed and trying to pick itself. Hahaha. And Europe is still collapse and whether it will be a big bang, no one knows. I am clapping and will clap louder when it goes boom.

As for China, should it come, no worry lah. It has plenty of money in reserves to bail itself out. And at the most, the peasants will tighten their belts again. They are quite used to having 3 bowls of porridge unlike the west that are used to 3 meals of meat.

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The Europeans are hoping and praying that China collapses badly so that they can laugh and say I told you so.

They did not know that the whole world is laughing at them and how silly of them to laugh at the Asian crisis and trying to bully Indonesia and Malaysia.

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denk said...

*the US has collapsed and trying to pick itself.*

hello chua

fukus is utterly fucked up
but picking themselves up involve very hard work
which we all know the anglos are very much averse to
so instead of sorting out their own house
they'd rather do their best to fuck up their rivals
so that they wont look so fucked up themselves
this is their idea of competition !

Anonymous said...

Whatever the case, people vote with their feet.
This fact cannot be fabricated or misinterpreted.

Most people seek political asylum in USA.
Seldom people seek political asylum in North Korea or China or Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 6:28

Agree to what you said. The Asian civilisations have met many set backs and dragged further down by western invasion and colonisation. The result was a few centuries of poverty and oppression. That made them very poor and no time for niceties and culture.

And making matters worst, many were stucked with oppressive leaders that made life that much tougher.

History is starting a new cycle and if the west continues to be warmongers and behave like gangsters and bankrupt themselves, things could take a dramatic turn.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, can't blame the western media for seizing an opportunity to bash China.

Most of the western media are "progressive" western liberal types, always screaming "democracy" and "human rights" when it comes to bashing Asia because their unions have made their businesses so expensive and uncompetitive that their corporations are moving to China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia...and now Myanmar.

For e.g. Qantas moved its maintenance operations to Asia. Fuck Australia -- too many rules, arsehole unions, dickhead government...how to make profit?? OK, move to Asis.

And the media here went nuts. All of a sudden Qantas top execs all the "bad guys", greedy, heartless, unpatriotic...the usual garbage of insults and emotion that are supposed to be "good arguments" by "good journalism".

Get it: western liberals and democrats HATE HATE HATE China. They love their iPhones and shop at WalMart but HATE the Chinese manufacturers who provide 100's of millions of jobs to Chinese people who have increased their wealth and standard of living.

Wherever there is wealth, there is an increased demand for property. And so the developers and speculators get into the game...

...so on with the game. Yes, property bubbles are everywhere -- I'm waiting for the Aussie market to shit blood so I can screw the desperate sellers and go bargain hunting -- so the only thing that makes China different is the SIZE of the cuntry itself.

I can tell you that there are many smart(er) Chinese waiting for the collapse too, so they can buy cheap. ;-)