Please don’t help the people, hear the people’s cry.

The govt is so caring and concern about the welfare of the people, about whether they have any money left for retirement, and to pay the exhorbitant medical bills. Where on earth could citizens find such caring govt? And why are the people screaming that they don’t need this kind of help? And why is the govt insisting on a help that the people do not want and then blames the people for depending too much on the govt for help?

It must be the people to be blamed for the govt to insist on helping them with their money. The people have no money? Who is the clown that said the people have no money? No, the problem is that the people have too much money in their CPF that tempted the govt to want to help them with their money. And the govt refuses to listen to the simple and pathetic plea of hopeless Sinkies who don’t even know the money is theirs anymore, and that it is their right to decide how to use it. It is not a govt pension or subsidy or gratuity or grant or handout. It is their money.

Who gives the govt the right to decide what it wants to do with the people’s money? Is it that once the people voted a govt to rule over them, the govt has all the right to do what it wants with the people’s savings? If the govt is sincere and really want to help the people, please use the reserves, or the profits it made from the reserves to help the people, top up the people’s CPF savings or Medisave or buy insurance plans for the people.

Withholding the people’s savings is not helping the people. The people do not need this kind of help and do not want it. It is NOT helping the people. It is causing hardship, pain and suffering on the people who need the money for their expenses.

Please, have some conscience and no need to help the people in the use of their money. The people are not daft and can help themselves. Hear the people’s cry. But then again, deaf frogs are deaf. What to do?


Anonymous said...

The fate of minority shareholders having too much money in an organisation is like what is happening in corporate America. All the big banks and corporations are at the mercy of the top management. They feed themselves crazy with the minority shareholders' money.
They gambled and pay themselves big bonuses when they win and make the public pay for their big gambling losses.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hougang people.
Please return your free hearing aids to Desmond Choo.
The deaf frogs need the hearing aids more than you do.

If you want your CPF money back in full at age 55.
Please send your feedback in GE 2016.
Vote Opposition.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You don't have to cry if you find yourself in shit.

You always have the option of looking on the bright side, and using your self-reliance and strong social networks to help you through.

No one needs the government to help them. Government "help" has the nasty nature of making your situation worse than you can imagine.

Got self-reliance?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Sheeple Get The Government And The Banksters They Deserve

Like George Carlin, I also take notes...but I also ENJOY THE ENTERTAINMENT!

Thanks for the show folks!

Got Encore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

People are getting desperate as the hole is getting bigger and no way to fill it up or to hide.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fantastic! Very soon got cheap assets for sale!

Follow the lead of the Chinese. When there's red ink, BUY CHEAP -- screw the price DOWN!

Got Capitalism?

Anonymous said...

'Who gives the govt the right to decide what it wants to do with the people's money?' unquote.

Well, was it the daft 40% or the daft 60%? You guess!

jjgg said...

RB...very strange....why is it that nobody ever believe that the government is working for common good? OIC...must be the fallout from having a thinking population of sheep rather than an ignorant herd of lemmings...so easy to govern in the past...bluff a bit...threaten a bit...no internet...no forum for discussion...no worries..the govt still in charge of the printing machines...but by that time...hope your cpf withdrawals can buy bowl of kway teow soup...hehehe

patriot said...

If my memory is okay, the last time anyone went public to decline help, was an elderly lady.

Now, more are liked her, Singaporeans are tired of the helps, many are actually frighten by the helps officially rendered. The Authority is so keen to help the people, such that Singaporeans are not allowed to decline the helps.
Soon, there will be help phobia and the Institute Of Mental Health may have to come in to help as well.

'cheng si sang nao jin' meaning very problematic leh.


Anonymous said...

hmm, helping themselves with the people's money... to help the people. Damn brilliant.

Anonymous said...

The people are not crying, they are cursing and swearing and are about to go beyond that, just hold your breath for a while.

Anonymous said...

Matilah Sigapore must be the motivator or the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Remember they help the poor by raising the GST and they helped the elites by abolishing death duties prior to Kwa Geok Choo's demise.