North Korea is Singapore’s friend

Singapore is the third largest trading partner of North Korea. Its second highest ranking leader, Kim Yong Nam, had just paid an official visit with a trade delegation and is now in Indonesia for a similar purpose, to expand trade. Indonesia is also a good friend of North Korea.

But in Singapore, the North Koreans have many enemies. These are the unthinking Singaporeans who have been fed with a diet of anti North Korean misinformation written by westerners and proudly printed almost daily in our media. And the minds of these morons have been so tarnished that when they talked about the North Koreans, they behaved as if their homes have been burnt and looted by the North Koreans or their mothers were raped by them. Such simple minded people with an empty and unthinking head are easy to be programmed to think like little monkeys.

To these people, North Korea is bad, poor, abject poverty, famine, miserable people, aggressor, wanting to start a war with every country, wanting to send their nuclear missiles to attack them. Funny, do they know where is North Korea? Or do the North Koreans even think that these people exist? No, the North Koreans don’t even know of their existence and have had nothing to do with them. But why the hatred? Why did they think, or think they knew so much about North Korea to hate them? Daft is a very appropriate word here. Their whole thinking and mindset have been programmed for so many years that they are behaving exactly as what the programmers wanted them to behave.

Singapore is the third largest trading partner of North Korea. What does that say? Singapore’s leaders have been visiting North Korea frequently and the North Koreans too are visiting the island just as often. It is fortunate the leaders of Asean have not turned into puppets on a string and be made to dance by the puppeteers. They know that North Korea is just another country living its own way of life. And Singapore’s initiative to bring the North Koreans into the main stream of international relations like what it did to the Myanmese is the best way to go forward. Embrace the North Koreans and integrate them into the international community. Not threats of war and sanctions like hooligans and gangsters.

Singapore media has a role to educate the daft Sinkies to think objectively and not to be manipulated into how to think and what to think of the North Koreans in particular and the rest of the world in general.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Singaporeans and their government will do business with anyone.

That's the spirit of free trade -- do get entangled in political nonsense, just trade and create mutual wealth.

Singapore does business in Myanmar. Some people "not satisfied" -- screams of corruption and aiding the junta. Singapore did lots of business with Suharto's Indonesia. And of course the critics never stopped waggling their tongues.

More recently, Singapore's govt did very big business with Thailand's ex PM Thaksin. Alamak, protests on line and off line.

Point is, if you are going to make a buck, nay-sayers and other categories of jealous arseholes are not going to be happy. dead shits who can't make it in the world because they're too stupid or lazy or both will constantly criticise you and your efforts at enterprise.

Thankfully, most people in enterprise have their eyes on the game and ignore the negative spirits of the angry hecklers on the sidelines, who dissatisfied and jaded by their own self-made miserable and shallow lives, need to rip at the success of others to "feel good".

North Korea is a shit hole of a motherfucking cuntree. No doubt about that. And its leaders are patently corrupt.

So what? That doesn't exclude them as a ruling elite and a cuntree form the right to engage in trade.

At the end of the day, better to have trade than to have no trade. Whatever the situation of the world however, there'll always be idiots who will sling a negative comment. That can't be helped.

patriot said...

Your enemy(ies) is my fren,
no problem, right?

Anonymous said...

Singapore depends largely on trade. Diplomatic offices exist for a reason. That's why we still do business with countries that are in many ways dangerous and rampant with corruption and abuse. That does not in any way imply a relationship of trust or harmony.

While you might be right in pointing out that most Singaporeans have no first-hand knowledge of North Korea, the same can be said about just anybody else in the world given the hermit behaviour of North Korea. This should not and will not stop people from commenting anyway. Instead of berating Singaporeans for having a real public opinion, I suggest you go get a life. It is also worth noting with some amusement that you compose with the vocabulary of a 14 year-old, given the serious nature of the subject.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read such utter rubbish in a long time, but I'll just point out the worst of your mistakes as to fact:
"the North Koreans too are visiting the island [Singapore] just as often"
The North Koreans need government permission to travel to another town. Do you in all seriousness consider their travel to Singapore as a remotely plausible occurrence?

Anonymous said...

the north korean `gov` visits as much