More Sinkie jokes

The banking industry is hailing a grand plan to groom Singaporeans for key positions. My God, they suddenly realized that barely any Singaporeans are good enough to fill key positions in the banks. No wonder they have to bring in foreigners to fill the many top positions in the banks. Sad isn’t it. And it looks like one whole generation of Singaporean bankers have been wasted and now a plan to groom young Singaporeans for the future. Hopefully in 30 years we will have some Singaporeans that are found good enough to fill the top positions in the banking industry.

And the reason is simple. There are just not enough Sinkies with the right experience and skill sets in the banking and finance industries to fill up the top jobs. Now they have to go to third world countries to look for them. What is the matter? A regional financial centre, with aspiration to be a world financial centre, or nearly there, could not train of produce bankers with the right experience and skills. And only small cities in some corners of the world can produce such talents. Is this meant to be a joke? April 1st has gone by for nearly two months! I would think all the third world aspirants who want to learn the latest skills in finance would want to come here to learn the ropes?

If a world class financial centre is not the place to train and throw up experienced bankers, where else can do better? Timbuktu or Fiji Island, or Mauritius? Maybe Bermuda Triangle. And what to think of our world class universities when second and third grade universities from Australia to the US are supposedly producing better and cleverer graduates to fill the top posts here? Gaming the score sheets to be ranked among the best is looking more like a futile exercise, like the straight A graduates that are found wanting to third class graduates from lower ranked universities.

And the banks were proud to tell that 75% or 80% of their employees were Singaporeans AND PRs. What the fuck is this PR thing lumped together with Singaporeans? How many are Singaporeans and how many are PRs? Please tell. Another cannot face daylight fact of Sinkie Land.

This must be a classic joke of paradise.


Anonymous said...

More PRC-Singaporeans, more Filipino-Singaporeans, more Indonesian-Singaporeans.

The joke is on you lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The way to win this perceived "mistrust" of Singaporean ability is to simple beat the (foreign) competition. Rise to the occasion, as the under-dog, and whack your opponent.

They want "meritocracy"? Well then, give it to them.

At some point Singaporeans are going to have to stop whining and get into the game. Sad to say, the game has been thrust upon them...without their consent. So what to do? Fight back lah. And win. Take no prisoners. Don't go humbly.

Got game?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The fight is at Hougang. The result is going to tell a very strong message be it for PAP or against PAP. It is really a referendum on what the people really want.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, Blogger is telling me that spamming activities against my blog is increasing in the last few days. Fortunately Blogger is efficient enough to stop them from breaking through.

For the spammers, got to try harder.

Veritas said...

The whole damned banking industries here are full of cartelism, racism and protectionalism of the weakest. The banking industries are designed by PAP to profit their families, relatives, friends and foreigners, by keeping the smartest Singaporeans a share of pie.

In SG, banking licence are not issue since early 1970. The last bank to get a licence are Tat Lee, that got LKY's brother as one of the bosses. Banks were given monopoly in selling funds to investors. PAP designed the policies so that the smartest Singaporeans are not able start a banks and PAP cronies proper from monopoly.

Tat Lee eventually blew up big time and was bail out using Tax payers monies when GLC Keppel bank was ask to take over Tat Lee.

Not feeling enough,bLKY perpetually lied that for Singapore banks to be merge into TBTF banks to be competitive. He ulterior motive is to reduce competition and create monopoly to suck Singaporeans dry.

Ironically, while LKY keep forcing large Singapore banks to merge and banning Singaporeans from opening a bank, foreign boutique banks are able operate in Singapore freely.

The distorted structure and all perverse social engineering requires running Singaporeans down, economically and socially. Singaporeans are being accuse of daft, stupid, lazy and all sort of untrue lies. Singaporeans other than cronies are kept from high jobs.....

In the past 10 years, racism in banking sector are so rampant that the smartest people are kept out of the job. In Citibank CBP, only India Indians are welcome, no matter how much the run the IT department down....

Singaporeans need to destroy PAP to regain our rights in our country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

Just ask why the number of Singaporean employees hired by the bank has to be hidden together with PRS? Why is it so difficult to tell the truth? Anything that is afraid to be told is something that must be told.

Until they are not afraid to tell the truth, the truth is going to be ugly.

Anonymous said...

On Monday 21st May I went to NTUC Fair Price store at Hougang. I bought two packages of Kleenex toilet tissues at a supposely monthly special offered price at $8.95 per package of ten rolls . I also bought two packs of Florida special squeezed fresh orange juice at $7.95 per pack. Yesterday a friend told me that he bought the same Kleenex toilet tissues at $13.45 for two packages and two packs of the same Florida fresh orange juice at $13.45 for two packets at Vivocity Cold Storage store. This morning I went to Cold Storage at Kovan and found my friend indeed was right that Cold Storage is selling the two items very much cheaper than NTUC Fair Price. I bought the same things again and with my receipts in hand I went to the Fair Price store to confront the manager of the store. As the manager was not in I had to deal with his assistant. I told the assistant to inform the manager and the CEOs and directors of NTUC Fair Price Store of the great difference between the price charge by NTUC Fair Price store and that of Cold Storage. The point I want to raise is how can the government using workers' money as capital to run the business exploit the people and yet can still call its stores Fair Price when it is never fair in its pricing. In fact when we exchange notes among friends we realise that NTUC Fair Price have all the years fail to live up to its name and slogan.

This goes to show that the Pappies government not only talk a lot about hubris but their actions also betray the people.

I think what Marinda Mahatir says about UMNO and the Barison National government of Malaysia fits exactly that of Singapore too. I quote Marinda Mahatir below

"Today it is difficult speak publicly in any intelligent manner because it is the unintelligent and the belligerent who rule. There is no longer any point in talking sense or logic in this country. The less logic you speak , the more popular you are. The less facts you present , the more you are lauded. Better still. the more incorrect facts you give, invented out of thin air, the more you dazzle your followers."

Isn't this what is happening in Singapore. The government has yet to convince the people a lot about foreign talents, witholding of CPF withdrawal, high cost of housing and medical treatment, cheap and exploitative ways of collecting billions of dollars annually through COEs and ERPs. The grievances of the people are too many to stomach and unless the Pappies sincerely change their ways to help the people, they will surely be booted out in the next General Election.


Veritas said...

LKY's romance with banks started with his marriage to Kwa Siew Tee's daughter Kwa Geok Choo, from the shylock marriage. Kwa Siew Tee is the father of currency speculator of OCBC. He runs the forex show in the bank. Together the banksters married one another in the most incestuos relationship. Kwa Siew Tee was related to Tony Tan by marriage.

Tony Tan is from another old shylock family represented by Tan Chin Tuan. And one of Kwa Siew Tee's son married into Lim Nee Soon's family which in turns, related to marriage to current DPM Teo Chee Hean. Teo Chee Hean's father was later made CEO in OCBC by Tan Chin Tuan.

The banking interest in Singapore is so prevalent and wicked that Singaporean must pay for their blood sucking effort. Properties are hiked, to allow expansion of funny monies M3 by banks aka counterfeiting. Those shylock euphemism it as fractional reserve banking.

The Shylocks PAP do not stop here. First, smart Singaporean must never be allow to open a bank, no matter how many smallest foreign boutique banks are allow to run operation here.

No matter what Singaporeans did, those old monied shylock must prosper.

These shylock have a lot of disdain for Singaporeans. No matter how stupid foreigners are, no Singaporeans must allow to ascend, unless you are married into the Shylock cabal. Foreigners must have precedence over Singaporeans.

One of reasons of these shylock's hatred of Singaporeans is they are banana peranakan or highly westernize acultural mutants. They have no culture. They hated patriotism, hated Singaporeans who still remembers their root. They are minorities rulers. They are racist against the original Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

All dictators throughout history never fail to believe that all good things will come to an end, that they will have to grow old and die one day, and the greater the abuses the greater will be the retribution.

Anonymous said...

Year after year, there has always been nothing good to say...

Year after year, PAP returns to power with majority ...

Anonymous said...

Why blame the Ruling Sinners when Sinkies were all singing praises of them to heaven all the past 50 years and 60% are still doing so?
It is the fault of the BLIND SINKIES and not the Baddies.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 544

As I keep reminding people, ad nauseum -- even I have grown tired with reading it again and again...

The People Get The Government They Deserve.

As a (probably dangerous) sweeping generalization: Roughly 2/3 of the voting citizenry finds some sort of "solace" in the incumbent ruling dynasty...ooops...I mean ruling party.

If you keep wishing for "fair" world, you are going to be wishing for a long long time. In fact, in order to get ahead, you have to capitalise on an "unfair" advantage -- unique to your own set of attributes in order to beat the competition.

Most of us (at least I fall into this category) DON'T HAVE rich, well-connected, society A list daddy and mummy. So what to do? I can complain about it and "lament" about how "corrupt" and unfair this world is, or I can attempt an "escape" from then present circumstance.

Everytime I visit, my Holland V hangouts occasionally feature a few sad-case friends of mine, middle aged, out of their job. Drawing down on savings. Or for a few luckier ones -- living off passive income. And they all tell me the same thing:

"Kick out the PAP in 2016"

My response: "What are you going to do in the meantime? Turn 60 and still be in the shit?"


Sooner or later you have to fuck the herd of sheeple off and live your own life -- fuckups and all.