More of the same for Hougang for another 4 years

Desmond Choo has improved his score from 35% to 38% in the by election. His strategy is working, albeit a bit slower than expected. But it is testimony that the same strategy will work and he will gain more votes in the next election.

And what would be in store for Hougang in the next 4 years prior to the GE? There will be two MPs, an official and an unofficial MP serving them. The latter would definitely work harder to want to win more voters to his side.

There will also be more of the same, more porridges will be served, hearing aids and maybe something better. And as for upgradings and queues for more govt goodies, subsidies and handouts, it will be business as usual.

Hougang cannot expect many changes given the constraints of the WP’s party and its budget. But they will get by and move on. Any change coming to Hougang will be in the next GE, when they vote in Desmond Choo, or when there is a regime change with the WP forming the govt.

For the time being, the PAP will live by its slogan ‘Always here for you’. It is so unfair that Hougang is having the service of two MPs. The only irony is that it is still the step son and will be kind of a ‘run down’.  People may ask, how can that be, with two MPs and one always there for them. Hougang should be the best of all the constituencies.

Oops, forgot to mention that Png Eng Huat of the WP has been elected as the new MP of Hougang with 62% majority. And the Hougangkia have chosen to be daft again.


patriot said...

It pains me to see Him(Desmond Choo) so well guarded and protected by his Mentors. That left me the impression that it will be very difficult for him to be his own man(self).


dare I say that his improvement in vote count would probably had improved around 5% had he been himself. That is, without been chaperoned liked a kid.


Anonymous said...

Own man indeed... so would he have defied the parliamentary whip if he had been elected? Or rolled over like a good little doggie?

Also, a 3 per cent swing is around 700 votes. Barely above the margin of error as the "spoilt" votes exceeded 1 per cent. Does that mean: alleged indiscretions by the former MP cost 2 per cent, "NCMPgate" costs 2 per cent, PM endorsement costs 2 per cent and DPM barking gains 3 per cent?

Anonymous said...

the way u delivered who won the BE mirrors the way CNA presented who won - as an afterhought. we were told only of desmond's percentage of votes. what a travesty of journalism.

u'v done a good job mocking those so-called newsdeliverers.

i now await the ST version. i reckon it'll be similar to yours. ie the news of the winner mentioned in passing at the end.
no wonder no one wants to buy the ST.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will give a fuller account of the by election tomorrow: )

Anonymous said...

Hou-gang means Gung-Ho for Singapore citizens-by Mr Chen Show Mao.

Anonymous said...

Look carefully, DC increased his voted by only 157. He got 8053 votes in GE2011 and 8210 votes in this by election. WP decreased of 2.7 percent votes come mainly from 1300 voters that did not vote this time.time for some contemplation. DC hardly made an impact in HG despite all the hype and controversy surrounding Y.sLbsaga etc.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Desmond is just a side show.

There are more pressing and serious problems at stake. The govt may be in a denial mode and did not want to recognise or rectify them. The people would not accept that.

Anonymous said...

The tiny increase in votes for DC does not tell a thing. They could have come from new residents moving into new condos replacing rental flats demolished earlier. The former are most probably more pro-PAP. Or just more WP supporters moving out while more PAP supporters moving in. The swing of such tiny proportion in this instance hardly tells us anything. But, let them enjoy their dream of swinging more over to their side come 2016.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, DC did not win or else the PAP would think and probably shout that Singaporeans are now fully satiafied with the recent slew of changes after GE 2011.

And, do not brush aside the argument that this by-election in Hougang is not a reflection of voters in other constituencies. Believe in that at their own peril.

They used to pass arogant remarks at the crowds at WP rallies, calling them as merely people out for entertainment. Loosing Aljunied GRC must tell them that sometimes arogant assumptions could be deadly wrong.

Now, Singaporeans will see what the PAP is going to do about their call for an inclusive society with regard to Hougang. If they fail to live up to their pronouncements and do more of the same, GE 2016 will be interesting

Anonymous said...

More of the same for the MIW too. With a majority in parliament, control of the civil service, Temasek holdings, GIC, PA, and MSM, will they suddenly wake up to their senses? It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for MIW to change. Only when more GRC are won by opposition will there be a glimpse of hope for change. Thank you Hougang residents for being the vanguard to change.

Anonymous said...

Mr redbean, I refer to your political analysis on Hougang by-election 'Hougang, Political demography.' Your analysis based on acute observations and your subsequent forecast of the be-election outcome is wonderfully and magically dead accurate. You have indeed hit a bull's eye in a political dartboard. As a political pundit you have shown you are a class of your own in both local and international politics unlike the likes of many paid local journalists like William Chong and Pei Shing Huei who are too pro West and whose writings have always shown lack of independence of thought and are read by many with disgust and contempt.

Mr redbean, readers are indebted to you and many other independent writers and thinkers for all the intelligent articles which reveal truths and facts which can hardly be found in the mass media both local and foreign. Please soldier on and keep on writing to keep the people informed of the real perspectives of what is happending in both Singapore and the world at large.

Eagles Eye.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Eagles Eye, thank you for your compliments. Now I feel pai seh oredy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Incidentally my political science training and as an analyst helped.