In defense of the main media

Everyone is kicking the main media around like a ball. It has been alleged of biased coverage in the by election to favour the ruling party candidate. It has been accused of putting the opposition party candidate in a bad light with funny pictures. But the main media has improved, like the results of the by election. It has improved from what it was before. According to Baey, I think, he also noticed that the main media is getting fairer with more coverage for the opposition candidate. Can’t imagine this kind of coverage in the past, I can’t remember what it was like.

At the rate the main media is improving, soon it will be accused of biased coverage against the ruling party. The incremental improvement counts, just like the 2% gain. One election 2%, ten elections will be 20%. There is great hope that the main media will be better everyday and will do journalism and the journalists proud, one day. Just give it time. Don’t write them off. Hold back the criticisms, afterall they all ‘tan chiak one’ and need to do a good job.

I can’t imagine how the media coverage would be after 2016. One thing for sure, it will be very much fairer. This is the 21th century and no one can think of shitting on anyone’s head in public and in print and say no he didn’t. Everyone will just have to be honest, like it or not, unless one chooses to be an ostrich.

Have faith, our main media is run by professional journalists who always do their due diligence, check up on the facts of things they choose to report on. They will always give honest and truthful reports and in depth analysis. And every photograph is carefully selected to tell the story better. How else could they win so many international awards, like best design, best pictures, best photography, best newsworthy news of this and that, or things like that. I really can’t remember what awards it won but know it won many. An award winning newspaper must be of good reasonable standard. The awards are the proof.

The main media is right and telling the honest truth. This is just my personal opinion, and feel free to disagree. I am very generous and would not sue you if you disagree with me. Everyone has a right to enjoy his freedom to express his own opinion here, in mysingaporenews.


Anonymous said...

The way you put it, soon it will be at the top of the global ranking in transparency.

But, on second thought hor, this can only happen after the PAP loses power. This is also my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

>>And every photograph is carefully selected to tell the story better

Ya lor...i only blame the "special" lens they use

The said...

Yes, the mainstream media should be commended for performing a very good public service - cheesing off whole sections of the population so that opposition candidates can be voted in.

Also, lets be fair to ST - they have made progress over the years (albeit 2 steps forward, 1 step back).

Its world rankings according to Reporters San Frontiere are:
2007 - 141st
2008 - 144th
2009 - 133rd
2010 - 136th
2011/12 - 135th

See, it has improved its ranking by one notch. And it is in good company with other world class first-world countries such as Honduras and Tunisia.


Anonymous said...

I fully support this gradually, one step at a time approach.

It's like if you stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon, looking down.
You can safely cross it and make it to the other side.

Just take one small step at a time.

Anonymous said...

#2 Reason Why I support the Pro Alien Party.

They make careful, calibrated changes to their policies.
No sudden changes to suit populist demands.

When the first Great Singapore Flood occurred.
They did not respond straight away did they?
They waited until the Second Great Singapore Flood occurred.
Because they wanted to make sure that the First Great Flood was not a once every 50 years event.

Even with a million dollar salary.
You cannot buy talents like these anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

That is why I like this blog. Even the owner encourages us to disagree. And he also promise not to sue us if we agree to disagree with him. Gosh, what am I talking about?

patriot said...


the Official Medias do not need any defense lah.
They have the Authority to back them up anytime.

Your call is redundant, BUT, your Article shiok man!


patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

As long as they are paid to write or write under duress,there is no honesty in the garbage

Anonymous said...

"Everyone has a right to enjoy his freedom to express his own opinion here, in mysingaporenews."

RB is a secure person. I hope he gets the respect he graciously extends to others :)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually I expect a lot of criticism to my post. This will generate more discussion on this topic of press objectivity and neutrality. Is it real or a farce?

The said...

May the farce be with you....

Matilah_Singapura said...

Th main media is owned and controlled by The State.

Plus, only a short time ago, the law minister mounted a brazen defence of govt controls on media and freedom of expression...i.e. the thought police controlling your opinion is somehow "good" for Singapore.

And the people went along, as usual passively. Sure lots of postings on blogs and kopitiam chit-chat...

... but NO ACTION.

The sheeple get the oppressive government they deserve

Got attitude?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi The, that's a great statement.

Anonymous said...


62.09% of Hougangers are not members of NATO and neither are they sheeples!

Anonymous said...

And there are 40% outside Hougang who are also not sheeples nor blind.

Anonymous said...

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