Hougang by election on 26 May

Nomination Day will be 16 of May. This is an interesting event to watch from all corners. How would the opposition parties react? Would there be a mad scramble to be in the arena, like fools rush in? Or would they be united and give deference to the Worker's Party to fight a one to one battle without any spoilers?

On the PAP side, the result is going to be closely watched and it could foretell its fortune in the next GE. The people of Hougang will set the tone for what lies ahead. It may be a simple by election. But it has far reaching consequences for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hougang voters got free porridge and hearing aids in the months leading up to the by elections.

Just before elections;
100,000 FELDA voters in Malaysia will each receive S$6,100 in cash and also shares in a company which will soon be listed.
Straits Times
9 May 2012,
Page A4.

Singaporean voters sure are cheap and easy.

Anonymous said...

Will all other parties step aside and let the Workers Party take on the Pappies. The people of Singapore will not allow other parties to split the votes to let the Pappies win victory by default because of the selfishness and stupidity of the other parties. Instead every one must come out in open and full support of the Workers Party candidate to teach the Pappies a clear cut lesson that they need to sincerely change for the good of Singapore and not go back to their old ways of bluffing and cheating and continue to be self serving for their own benefits only. If the Workers Party win this by election it will open a flood gate of opportunities for all other opposition parties to win big in the next General Election of 2016. If they coroperate, unite and work out a common strategy with the Workers Party in 2016 or better if they merge into one single party the chances are they may even get a chance to form the next government. Singapore and its citizens have enough of the Pappies. So,once more an appeal to all other opposition parties, don't disturb, don't split the votes, just let the Workers Party and the people of Hougang who are representative of all Singaporeans teach the Pappies a lesson in humility by giving the Pappies a rout, a total defeat.


Anonymous said...

And wat if PAP put in 2 'Independent'
Candidates into the Contest? This is just 1 ploy, there can be other ways and means.

Anonymous said...

//Singaporean voters sure are cheap and easy.
May 09, 2012 7:20 PM//

There are still 3 more weeks to polling day. How about free upgrading for all Hougang flats?

A walkover is also possible - see the Tanjong Pagar case in GE2011.

Anything is possible lah. Vote wisely. Don't end up like Potong Pasir, which I believe will be erased from the electoral map in 2016.