The Hougang brawl so far

I won’t use the term debate, discourse or election campaign, or anything that will give some semblance of maturity or respectability in the things said at the rallies so far. It is unbelieveable that so many childish and impish taunts and threats were aired as if they were clever points to make, by serious adults.

The kopitiams were full of laughters as they imitate or parrot the things uttered at the rallies. My gosh, are we seeing little children trying to score points against one another in a primary school debate? The secondary school debates were definitely several notches above in terms of lucidity, cogency and thoughtfulness in the points raised by the debaters. And here we are supposed to have a national debate by seasoned politicians. And what were they bitching about? The points were so parochial and pedestrian. Do they know that the school debaters out performed them in every point made. Put the school debaters and the politicians side by side, it is simply a mismatch, and in the favour of the school kids.

I can’t be proud of what I have heard so far. It is like trying to make a snide remark whenever the other party said something that is marginally ambiguous or with some loop holes to exploit. This is quality, we are progressing, raising political debate to a higher level. It is crass politics at its best.


Anonymous said...

Precisely. Please change the political order. A new bride and a new groom please.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Sometimes, I just don't bother to read what they said also! Both are equally disappointing! Jokers I would say! They didn't even debate the real issues facing the country and citizens. They just take pot shots at each other. Really childish and stupid! You give free porridge and I don't. I don't like NCMP and you want to be independent voice. The best is I'm old and you are young. The older the better like "old ginger!" Lol! KNN! Really langgar! There shld not be a BE in the first place. Really a waste of money and resources!

Anonymous said...

Why did we have The Hougang Brawl in the first place? Because Yaw went to poke somebody's wife.

Opposition should take on substantive role proposing substantial ideas instead of wasting taxpayers time and money.

Now, old ginger is better? Didn't LTK put Yaw who was only 30+ years old? Old giner also got chee kor peh.