Help, help, monkeys everywhere!

When you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. Now we must be having monkeys everywhere except the ministers and admin service. These are the two places in public service that are not paid in peanuts. And in the private sector, the workers, hmmm, are they being paid peanuts also?

Monkeys are in every corner of the world. In fact all the state leaders and civil servants across the world are all paid like monkeys. Not many are paid anything decent enough or better than peanuts.

Eeek, there are so many monkeys around.


Anonymous said...

If the govt keeps on going with selective logic, its sincerity will be in question. You can't bluff the people all the time.

Anyway, it is too late to wind back the clock. It is end game.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

You need 2 lies to cover 1 lie, 4 to cover 2 lies, 8 to cover more lies etc etc soon you will run out of lies. U cant cover anymore. It will implode just like that. Its like a time bomb waiting to go off only.