The hard truth

This world is unfair. So accept it. There will be those who are able and become extremely rich. And there will be those who are unable and become extremely poor. The income gap is unavoidable. High property price is unavoidable. High COE price is also unavoidable.

Actually I am not against an unfair world with an unfair system, as long as I am enjoying the unfairness and benefitting from it. Anyone who is benefitting from an unfair system has no reason to complain. They should actually shut up and pretend that nothing happens. Or better, just convince the losers that life is good and everything is affordable. Like $1000 pm income can afford a 4 rm flat or this is the best place for poor people.

This is a natural truth, a hard truth. Another hard truth is that those who are not receiving their fair share of the unfair system should kpkb. This is also natural. 

The existence of both groups is like the thesis, anti thesis and synthesis of dialectical materialism. The wider the income gap, the quicker it reaches the climax, the greater will be the anti thesis forces to forge a new synthesis. This is also a natural hard truth. But those beneficiaries of such inequality would not or could not see this, refuse to see it or try to prolong this state of affair for as long as they could, and be on the right side of the inequality.

Now you know why winners have no issue with inequality but losers have. The tug and pull is an ongoing process. It is normal that the winners will have all the resources to keep the status quo for their benefits. No need to apologise for it. It is just a hard truth and is unfair. So what? So what can the losers do about it? Only winners talk about hard truth as a reality in their comfort zone and that losers must accept it as the status quo and be grateful that it is not worst.


Anonymous said...

If we can convince people here that they are all winners, even road sweepers, Sin City will become the elusive promise land or the beacon of light society to others.

Winners love winners and are generally cold and apathetic towards losers who will then be the minority.

Not to worry, the elite psycho tact squeak is delivering the goose.

So long as there are more winners than losers, we will be able to maintain a first world facade and the true winners will be enshrined in our school halls for future generation to gawk.

Anonymous said...

Like mari kita always say....the best revenge is to live well.


Anonymous said...

They told the losers that working to 80 years or 90 years is good, dignity and all the craps.

They tried conning the losers that living in smaller flats quality of life not affected.

They told losers to take public transport so they can drive their cars in freeways.

They told losers that this is the best place for losers in the whole world.

Anonymous said...

No..they install anti slip flooring and hand rail in toilet for losers....raise their salary by $50 while they raise theirs by $5k to $5M.... when festive seasons come...have your picture taken with some losers while handing out ang pow of $10 with a big big grin

You see losers bitter or not? How to be bitter in life with ang pow every CNY I tell you

Anonymous said...

Life is sweet when you have MPs solving all your problems. They are god send to save you.


Anonymous said...

I think we are the most loving and caring society in the world.

Must be the work of agape love of certain extremist regime

Anonymous said...

Key to asking for crumbs from winners: look long suffering, don't complain too much, never point fingers and and and....talk and behave like winner

Anonymous said...

Aiyah...go fishing lah..it's the weekend...lol

Anonymous said...

The Hard Truth is that You die die must find a way to get out of Sin.

Otherwise, You! Will be miserable for life.

Come back only for holiday and to visit relatives and frens.

Anonymous said...

Live well...let others die ;)

Anonymous said...

True, but do not die in Sin.
No good, You know?

Anonymous said...

Sin is not our work, doest affect us. Those who build Sin, they are the ones who get stoned. We happy happy lim kopi,watch show :)