Guilty, guilty, guilty!

No, no, no, we are fair, we reported the by election fairly. We gave both parties equal coverage. The pictures used were appropriate to the stories. We are not biased! We are a respectable and professionally managed newspaper and we are reporting the facts after doing all the due diligence. This is the roughly the reply from the main media against the complaints by Low Thia Khiang for unfavourable coverage of his party during the election campaign.

Who is telling the truth? Who is dishonest? Whose integrity is in doubt? You be the judge. But, sssssshhhhh, keep it to yourself please. Don’t say anything. Don’t tell anyone. ‘Ren zai zhuo, tian zai kan.’ Translated, Man do, heaven watch.


Anonymous said...

Aiyah...State Times can jus do a online poll..let the readers be the judge

Btw Mr Baey (coincidenly also a frequent contributors to MSM)..i hope i get to see u eat your words in this life.

Matilah_Singapura said...

KNN. If lose, lose with dignity lah. If you fuck off your dignity, then you are a REAL, no-doubt-about-it LOSER.

All is fair in love, war, and politics.

Anonymous said...

The PAP lost the Hougang BE with dignity.You must be joking.And as your former PM Goh Chok Tong will have said "graciousness in Singapore had improved"

Anonymous said...

goh chok tong got it majorly wrong. just like he was majorly wrong about us reaching a swiss standard of living. pple in this country are as gracious as extremely rude pigs!

animals have better manners and more consideration for each other than we do.

when was the last time u heard a please or thank you??!!

Anonymous said...

The PAP is never wrong. How can God or Godlike beings or immortals be wrong? Only mere mortals like us can be wrong.