Generating contrived demands for goods and services

On one side of the coin there is this huge cry for more headcounts to sustain the economy and more growth. We need 2.5% to keep the population sustainable or, I think, we will disappear from this world. The rest of the world leaders are simply silly for not pushing for 2.5% population growth to keep their countries from dying. Europe, America, Japan, in fact all the developed countries will soon end up as history, forgotten civilisations. They failed, and willingly failed to boost their population growth. It is not only irresponsible, it is stupidity at its hike. Maybe that is why they are paid so much lesser, with a lesser brain to go along. Good thinking brains, able to plan ahead, to forsee future problems, need to be adequately rewarded. Singapore will survive with our 2.5% growth or more, while the other developed countries will be passe.

There are so many good things about population growth. It creates and generates demands for everything, housing, food, medical services, cars, transportation, schools, in fact everything. And when demand is high, the values of all goods and services will go up, and the whole economy becomes more vibrant. The more the demand, the more there is a need to build and provide for more services, and with more services and homes build, there is more need to bring in more people to occupy them and make the rest of the services profitable. It is a virtuous cycle.

This is like the lifestyle of a poor man and a rich man. The poor bugger, eats less, needs less, works less, and lives on less. The body gets thinner and needs lesser food, lesser space and eventually wither away. The rich guy eats more, needs more, works more to feed his needs, lives on more, needs more services to amuse himself and to keep his body going, leading to more and more demands for goods and services.

There is definitely a need to bring in more people to generate more demands for everything, more housing, more cars and transportation, more hospitals, more services.

The bid number of people has a small drawback. Over supply of labour will drive wages down. But this is a small price to pay if we want to generate more demands for very thing to keep the economy going. Higher prices of everything especially properties will make all property owners happy. A little bit of congestions or jams is bearable if we want growth and a higher standard of living.

It reminds me of the story of the guy lying on the beach below the coconut tree. Actually there were two guys. One was there since he was born, lazing around to enjoy his sun, sand and sea. The other was a very successful man who had worked all this life and had acquired enough riches to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. The former did not bother about the all the electronic gadgets, fine food and theatres and the arts. He did not know they existed and did not miss them. The latter had all of them and was running away from all that he had. He just wanted to get away from it all, to lie peacefully under the sun, on the beach, doing nothing.

We schemed, planned and worked so hard to get further away from the big landed property we want to share with our families and children, to grow up and play. We laughed and sneered at the North Koreans, condemning them of living in abject poverty, in their sprawling landed properties that cost maybe $10k, with only minimal electronic gadgets, and a big family of children running around. We have progressed, spend our time dining and wining with people that don’t mean much but have no time for our families, or to even have children. We spend all our waking time at work only to return to sleep in our little palaces, too tired to even talk to the children who, if any, would be fast asleep.

We achieved, we are high achievers, high living, and enjoy a great and busy life.


chin chia poor said...

Good write-up, Mr Red Bean

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi chin chia poor, welcome to the blog. And thank you.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Living well is the best revenge.

Beware the negative spirits who will shit on your dreams to create success for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies must be very grateful that their rulers are trying their very best to provide them the first world living they are enjoying now.
In fact, the leaders are bringing in the customers to their(Sinkies) businesses. How else can the Sinkies
get their customers?

Well, some enjoying living by lazing around doing the minimal. BUT, there are many Sinkies who like thrill and challenge to be so-called productive and enterprising.
Some may even find crimes more exciting.

No Sinkies would want to wake up to find all the shopping complexes, eating places and fucking and gambling places empty. RIGHT????

Anonymous said...

No sinkies is stupid enough to want to chase everyone away. Sinkies just want to have a better life not a dog's life.

Anonymous said...

the model for continued 2.5% growth is flawed and bound to fail, the world cannot support 2.5% population growth year on year. limited food, water, oil, resources makes this policy very myopic. "limits to growth" paper was release 30 yrs ago warning about this problem, but leaders around the world just don't take heed, i conclude that the leaders of all major powers are incompetent.