The Ferrari and Hougang by election

What has the Ferrari accident got to do with the Hougang by election? Someone emailed a story of a Hougang voter’s encounter with an old man. I am not sure if this is true or just a story. The gist of it is that the Ferrari was going too fast, just like the way the economy is being pushed to fly. And if the driver refused to put on the brakes, come what may, even when he saw the red light, the poor bugger that is going to be killed will be the innocent taxi drivers and passengers. The taxi driver was just going on his life, struggling to earn a living, even at 4am. How would he to know that there was a crazy driver that refused to stop even when the red light was on?

Now, who can stop such crazy drivers, or what can stop them? You need a good co driver beside him to tell him to stop when needed to. And to be effective, the brakes must be working as well to allow the co driver to pull the brakes. If not, if there is no brake or no co driver, the crazy driver will just go about driving crazily. And many taxi drivers/passengers could end up as collateral damages, not knowing what hit them.

The email story said Hougang is like the brakes. You need the brakes in an emergency. You also need the co driver or more co drivers. And remember, taxis got no airbags, no social security when a big bang happens. There is nothing to protect or act as cushion. And make sure the co driver is not a little girl that is infatuated by the Ferrari and the driver and enjoying the wild ride.

The story ended by asking the people if they want more brakes and co drivers or want to be another taxi driver that ended up as statistics. And the moral of the story is….Don’t drive too fast, slow down a bit, watch out for red lights. And stop when the red light is on!

Quite commonsensical really, unless one is high on drugs or drunk.


Anonymous said...

This kind of story best used on Sunday school kids or in church.

Hougang is nothing but a trophy. Whatever happens there changes nothing fundamentally except perhaps the faces of politicians.

You can see pink,red,green,blue and shades of grey faces in fact.

Anonymous said...

Nice story.
66% slight braking.
70% emergency braking.
75% driver is shoved off his seat.

Anonymous said...

60.1%, taxi drivers and passengers killed.

Don't take it carelessly like the Ferrari driver, that only he mattered.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You can do your best -- which is all you can do -- to protect yourself against the vagaries of existence, but in the end, life is UNCERTAIN, and there is no 100% not even 50%, "protection" against uncertainty.

As if uncertainty by non-human agency isn't bad enough, you also will experience the uncertainty of human actions...intended, consequential or plain old UNintended.

Relax, the govt cannot, not should it, "protect" you from uncertainty. The govt can't even protect itself from uncertainty.

Anyway, good luck trying. Luck is a (positive) form of uncertainty. i.e. may your uncertainty be to your benefit. ;-)

denk said...

singapore holds 2 world record

1] highest lightning strike count per day

2] highest ferrari count per head

Anonymous said...

Some passengers like the driver to drive fast, some like it slow. It is better for the passenger to tell the driver to slow down if he finds it too fast. No point getting more "no-experience" co-drivers. It will only distract the driver more. Worse, some co -drivers think they are just as good and want to take over driver. Or some may be pre-occupied with sex in their mind while telling driver to turn here and there.

Anonymous said...

Car is a bad analogy. Coz ppl are thinking about cars, langar happens.

They should think more about sex like Matilah. lol

Anonymous said...

Langar in red light district....hahaha

Anonymous said...

The real fuckers may not be in red light district.

They are serving holy communion :)

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 403

Eh, harlow.... I "think" about important (to me) shit -- science, engineering, how to manipulate people...but when it comes to SEX, I urge you to not waste time "thinking".

You think too much about sex, you'll become a pervert. To prevent such a thing from occuring and probably landing you in jail, the best way to deal with sex is to DO IT.

Squirt it out! It's healthy!