F-35 Lightning II, another American con job

The F-22 Raptor, reputed to be the most modern and advanced multi purpose attack aircraft, is facing a mutiny. American pilots are refusing to fly this aircraft for fear of their own safety. Many dangerous situations have cropped up in flight with oxygen supplies being terminated, and in once case leading to the death of the pilot. Pilots have complained of blackout while flying, my goodness.

Now the American arms industry is pushing for the ultra expensive F-35 as the must have. Actually all these claims were bullshit. The specs of this latest white elephant, and those that came before, is nothing really special, but to match an imaginary superior Russian aircraft that the Americans need to be better of. What a load of rubbish. But the industry will keep on building a bigger and bigger demon and to con the Americans to pay for a bigger and bigger fictitious respond. This strategy is applicable to the other arms as well.

It is good for the American image, for the aircraft manufacturers and a lot of money to go into someone’s pocket. But who is paying? The tax payers are paying billions and trillions for a few pieces of toys claimed to be the best but never be so as newer ones will come on line and asking for more to be paid.

This is another big American con job. And not only the Americans are made to pay, the Allies are also made to pay as if without these aircraft they will lose their country or lose a war. Where is the war? Oh yes, coming, the Americans are going to start a few more in the neighbourhood and states will go to war and will need more advanced aircraft. More advanced than what, a Piper Cherokee or a Cessna?

To cut the story short, there is plenty of money to be had with such hype and by raising tension or starting wars. Russia and China could exploit this American weakness by playing up their own superiority, build imaginery superior aircraft, ships or land weapons and let the Americans chase after the shadows. The Americans love that kind of challenge. Oops, the defence industry loves them and will blow them out of proportion to make the American taxpayers pay for them. And they will spend themselves to bankruptcy much quicker.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is the Greatest American Con Job. They con everything from Banking to Defence !

America is bad. Pro Alien is bad.

Lets vote in WP and align ourselves with Russia and China. Russia and China combined can make America bankrupt, and make America beg for money !

Anonymous said...

The further that the US military-industrial complex gets from the prescriptions of Colonel John Boyd ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Boyd_(military_strategist) ), the more crappy their expensive and useless hardware becomes.

Each crappy plane costs so much to make that each air force can only afford a few of them. Result: crappy defence compared to many smaller, simpler, lighter planes. D'oh.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To be an American defense private contractor is like having a perpetual lottery ticket which keeps winning.

You can make money making weapons which don't work..or are scrapped.

Anyone remember the Bradley Tank? Lucky the government can tax, issue debt, buy back the debt with printed money. Otherwise no Bradley Tank would exist. Tax-payer funded spending spree...like Imelda Marcos out shopping for shoes, but only bigger in magnitude.