Clever ideas for COEs

The frustration faced by car owners and potential car owners is raising temperature by the look of the numerous appeals to the authority to revise the system. Many see the systems as totally flawed and have offered many clever ideas to make it more reasonable.

These well intended proposals by the public are nothing new, nothing difficult to figure out and nothing extraordinary. The super talents would have even much better ideas to improve the system. They are not duds. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing and why they refused to see from the perspective of the frustrated car owners. Do not underestimate their talents.

What the public failed to see is that the COE is the biggest cash cow to the govt next to the CPF and HDB. And it is even more efficient as a source of revenue with practically zero cost and zero effort. Printing a piece of paper is all it takes to collect a $100k. Why should the govt want to change this ATM and cut its revenue? And with the foreign talents with bigger pockets coming ashore, it is even better to make sure that the COE goes even higher. And for those who are earning tens of thousands a month, the convenience of a car and lesser cars on the road are things that they would not mind paying for. They only need to make sure their income and salary increases are ahead of the COE prices.

The unhappy public need not waste their time and talent with their clever suggestions. The deaf frogs would not listen as they know very well how flawed this system is to the car owners who cannot afford to pay higher COEs. It is a biased system in favour of the rich and you know who.


Anonymous said...

You want to change the COE system?
Vote Opposition.

What is the percentage of population growth rate in Singapore?

What is the percentage of COE growth rate in Singapore?

And we expect COE prices to go down?

Old man was not wrong to call us daft.

Anonymous said...

The revenue alone from COEs and casino levy is enough to buy over a 3rd world African state. Do you think changes will be made?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All the money collected and those in the reserves could be used to provide some medical insurance for the old. But where are they spending them? To pay fat cats to get fatter.

Anonymous said...

Have you come across the word axaptation? This is a theory proposed by the late evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould to describe features which enhance the human fitness that were not originally designed to do what we use them for,e.g. singing. The COE system is but one such man made exaptation. There are many others created by the PAP, more specifically, LKY.The GRC is another example. Originally meant to ensure minority representation. it is now used to "parachute" candidates who would not be elected otherwise to be elected into Parliament. The list goes on.These man made axaptations will never be dismantled voluntarily by those who benefit from their new uses.

Anonymous said...

Straits Times,
9 May 2012
Page A3.
"Foreign Talents beaten up on Malaysian island."

In Singapore,
It's the Sinkies that usually get beaten up.

"This is my home, truly ...."
Haak! Pui!

Matilah_Singapura said...

The COE is a mind-boggling govt scheme that would make anyone from the business and finance world turn green with envy.

The higher the COE goes, the more people buy cars, and pay more...then pay more again.

Wah. How come I don't have a revenue model like that?

Anonymous said...

The church has better revenue collection than COE. They sell air reap money and free labor. Now beat that.

jjgg said...

Fellows,fellows...any private sector guy who dream up...cpf scheme...Coe scheme..public housing scheme would have been housed at governments facilities for fraud, unfair competition n pyramid selling...

Anonymous said...

BUT, the Religious Bodies are immuned leh. No ?

Anonymous said...

Religious bodies can kill,rape and rob your souls... eyes see see no real blood right? Laws say...carry on....kill,rape,rob and make idiots of people


Hi Mr Chua,

I will be sharing this article on the facebook page SGNOCOEDAY.

Hope we can rally enough citizens on the 6th of March to halt bidding for 1 session!