Cauldron of Life

This is a series on life and the fire one has to go through in life. Surviving the cauldron of fire of life, one comes out as solid steel. Failure will see a melting down and turning into scrap iron. Living is a test of will, a test of character to survive in a path one chose to tread. It is not a walk in the garden. There are many twists and turns and one could be burnt any time in this journey of a life time.


BDL Palash said...

I have got to say I did this for a school project
even before finding this trend online. I use two Picasso paintings from his
blue period. This has inspired me to post them later on, and maybe create some more. :)
I loved the Mondrian one by the way. Very clever!

Pictures to paintings
photos to paintings
photo to painting
picture to painting
painting from photo

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Palash, welcome to the blog.

You must be an artist yourself. The unique feature of my photography technique is that there is no object to start with. And everytime I squeezes the trigger of the camera, I do not know what will come out eventually. The final paintings are totally out of the blue, totally free from human interference and preconceived biases.

That is why I called it a little mystery and a little miracle.

Anonymous said...

Dear RB,

Have you read this prof's allegations?

500B where is it park?




He is asking very tough questions .... what are your thoughts on it?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually anyone with a liitle commonsense and think a little will know that something is drasticallly wrong. If the reserve is so huge, a 4 or 5% return will have enough money to pay for a lot of things, including paying back the CPF, no need to keep selling public housing at higher and higher prices, no need to keep raising GST, COE, and scheming to keep more money in the CPF, etc etc. Why, with so much reserve, with so much declared profits, it seems that money is not enough.

Hope the prof can keep asking the right questions and in the name of transparency, there will be more answers. We are very transparent or are we not?

Anonymous said...

As transparent as the emperor's
naked body or are the people seeing
through his transparent Dragon Gown?