Australia a model for sustainable growth

Australia was once a lowly inhabited continent. The population of aborigines was small when the British planted their flag to stake a claim to the land. Finder’s keepers. And when the needed to increase the population, they dumped their convicts there first. Subsequently when the land was safely secured, they started their selective immigration programme, choosing those they are comfortable and compatible with. They don’t dump rubbish in a good piece of land. The initial rubbish was there for a different reason.

With such a huge piece of land, and all the resources, the Australians can take growth and development at a measure pace, without joining the rat race. Even if there were no growth, they will still be living a very good quality of life, by living off the land. They are very careful with their development programme as well as their population programme. They are doing it slow and steady, with sustainable growth in all sectors. There is no hurry to kill or destroy themselves.

But we cannot be like Australia. We are an exception. We must hungry, increase our population and rapid growth are the strategies for our survival. We have no choice. If we are wrong we will just destroy ourself in the process. If we don’t do it, we will also destroy ourself in the process. So just do it, bring in all the rubbish and dump into this little piece of continent and we should be alright. It is sustainable growth.


Anonymous said...

Anything tat's hot-house for early harvest ends up as shit faster and if not dies earlier

Anonymous said...

Australia a model for sustainable growth. Based on short term observation or long term analysis ?

Before the mining boom, Australia for many years, has been a poster child for Unemployment, low growth and discrimination. Their PMETs seeked employment elsewhere in droves, e.g Asia, because their economy couldnt support them.

We will end up like them too. Singaporeans working as maids in China. RB may say, hey, thats not that bad after all.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Australian's slow growth problem was self inflicted by their own discriminating policies. But living is easy and can be very much better. It is a case of good or bad management. But they would not be so crazy to fill up Australia with people.

Anonymous said...

For those who support high population growth, would be interesting to know that you are supporting it because you really believe it is good for the country and the people and not blindly doing so, or because you are told to do so.

If you really believe that the model used to determine that more population is good and sustainable, fair. The important point is that you have done some serious thinking about the issue.

Anonymous said...

They are generally laid back folks. They inherited a beautiful piece of real estate where got time to be "productive" when they can drink root beer and shoot koala bears in iced peaks.

The said...

Ya, sure, the Australian economy can be sustainable forever. Too bad Singapore does not have coal, iron ore, gold, meat, wool, alumina, wheat, rare earth, etc. etc.; otherwise we can go for sustainable growth by digging bit by bit. Also, Australia is just a little weeny teeny itsy bitsy wee bit bigger island than the little red dot that is Singapore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Australia is indeed The Lucky Cuntry, and it is full of Lucky Cunts, and a few hateful ones as well.

However don't be fooled by all the claims of "sustainable growth".

Within 2 years, you will see Australia experiencing some economic woes.

And don't worry, we get lots of dead-shit fucked up immigrants too, to add to the stock of dead-shit fucked up people already here.

Most Aust govts add to the fucking up of the cuntry.

Howard had the best run for any modern PM, but even he was tossed out when no one could take his smugness and arrogance any longer. So the cuntry got the head cunt they deserved -- Kevin Rudd, who turned out to be a dud, only to be back-stabbed by his then deputy and now PM Ms Julia, who popularity and confidence are slowing decreasing like a car tyre with a small leak.

Thankfully, Australia still stands because of a pool of a very talented private citizens who out-class the governments (plural, we have 3 governments -- federal, state and local all funded by tax) in achieving results.

You want growth, real growth which can be sustained...give private enterprise freedom.

In global rankings, Singapore is #2 and Australia #3.

Oh lord, life IS sweet!

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Natural Resource Fallacy

Indonesia has vast natural resources. As do many African states. Libya is vastly oil rich, as is Venezuela. Russia -- like that dreaded rash on your penis, Putin is back.

Indonesia is far from being classified as "developed". In many resource rich African states, the people are till poor and the warlords who rule them rich. Libya? Fucked. Venezuela? On going comedy by the head-comedian-in-charge. Russia? Unbelievably rich oligarchs, average people -- still poor, alcoholic and unemployed.

Just because you have good shit in the ground, doesn't automatically make you a rich cuntry.

Anonymous said...

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His women cant tell the difference so long as his cock is thick and fat.

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Veritas said...

USA was hollowed out by these neo-liberal policies thanks to Reagan. Those countries who believe in Darwinism like UK, US, HK see their production went off-shore. These countries create so call service jobs hence after, which cause them to lose their wealth as they pay for stuff made overseas.

Germany, Holland and Nordic Europe follow the socialist model and "managed economic policies". Despite high label cost, their factories are still producing stuff in their own soil. While "service economy" like US, PIGGS suffer like crazy, Germany is laughing its way, becoming the creditor nations.

Germany is going to take over these deadbeat state creating 4th Reich without shedding a drop of blood.

The neo-liberal policies failed miserably. Socialism wins.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Two problems. One, they got too smart for their own good. Two, the workers took control of the MNCs as top management whose interest was to rob the minority shareholders. This is what dictatorship of the proletariate is all about.

Then with no sense or obligation to country and people, in the name of efficiency, cost effectiveness and meritocracy, they sold out their own people and country. Export the factories, hired foreign talents and pay themselves crazy. Very familiar right.

And all those with no loyalties to worry about, sponge on this crazy mindset and also prosper. To this bunch of rascals, there is no country and self interests override everything.

The west sold their production capacities and banks to foreigners. The banks are now mostly run or managed by foreigners and they probably lost control by now. They thought they could just print money and raid the whole world with their clever manipulation of currencies and the stock markets by their machines and issuing worthless papers.

The real production of goods is too slow and unproductive in making quick money. They abandoned them for quick money and then the financial crisis came while they outsourced everything else.

Singapore is an excellent disciple of these financial gurus, to make easy and quick money, and ended you know what.

Anonymous said...

The best strategy for the rich Sinkies. Grab as much as one can while the sun is shining. Oops, I mean make as much money when things are still looking good. Then use the money to buy a few estates in New Zealand, Australia or Canada. For a few peanuts, one can buy a few Ang Mo kios for the whole clan to live forever, like little Singapore states in other countries.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually that would apply more to the poor ones ;-)

"Grab as much as you can". Makes sense because they have sweet fuck all now!

Seriously, in this physical life you have to go for it. Sometimes you get lucky and you are served good fortune on a gold platter. Most of the time you have to do, fail fail fail, and do again and fail again, and do and fail until you succeed.

If you've only failed a few times, you're still a baby.