Ask an economist and the answer is growth

The debate for more population is heating up but the thinking is one track, growth. Without population growth, it will be the end of the Singapore story. Growth is the essence of an economics approach to the country’s problem, or for that matter to any other problems. Send Pavarotti to the economists and the recommendation will be 5% growth annually. Send a yoda to an economist and it will be the same answer, feed the yoda to ensure 5% growth.

Is growth really the solution, or can innovation and productivity be the alternatives? There are many ways to maintain or better the life of the people instead of growth. Under this economics theory of growth, any country, including Singapore, will see its ruin without growth. The realities around the world proved that this is the biggest bullshit.

If the well being of any country is simply to maintain growth through population growth, many countries would have been wiped out from the face of the earth, and many countries with high population growth would have been the most prosperous and with better standard of living.

Can anyone come up with a smarter answer, with so much being paid to feed them for their personal growth? If we go on a path of unstopping population growth, we are as good as feeding ourselves to death. Maybe that is better than dying from starvation. The limitations of our physical size are staring down at us. Why don’t they look at how to improve the life of the people by maintaining the population size as the breaking point is appearing everywhere, even with the creme ala crème in charge?

Did anyone ask why Pavarotti had to die? Has anyone asked why every yoda cannot keep growing by feeding him more and more? It is nature’s way to terminating those who want to grow and grow. Countries are not different in the area of population growth. Unrestraint population growth is a sure way to self destruct faster.

No wonder they don't believe in no salary increment.


Lost4ever said...

Mr Chua

Do we have a problem space?
Is it aging population or GDP growth?
Is it Singapore's survival or PAP's survival?
Do we need 6.8 million when 2.5 million is probably the comfortable and sustainable figure?
Do we develop our own and supplement with top foreign talents or just import foreign trash to make up the numbers?
Do we chase Swiss per capital GDP which we have exceeded or Swiss standard of living which we are still far off?
Are our leaders thinking about the welfare of the people or playing musical chairs to enrich themselves?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Lost, there are many questions that the people must ask, no the fat cows. They will ask different kind of things.

A decent and good quality of life for Sinkies is definitely with a 2.5m population. More average Sinkies would be able to afford a car, a 5 rm flat, of 1,300 sq ft, not 5 rm and 650 sq ft and having more children to enjoy, not having children to fit the data the economists want or the workforce needs.

But now they are selling the idea of small flat is good and more children in small flat also good. Returning to the 60s, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Success can be intoxicating.

Do you blame yourself?

Aren't you beholden to successful people? Don't you look up to them?

Haven't you been egging your children to be successful LIKE THEM.

Don't suck up to high achievers and now lament you are feeding yourself to death.

Success is intoxicating. You will always want to be the head and not the...tail.

Anonymous said...

You want to be the best right?

So you end up being the beast instead, who now you want to blame?

Be the best beast lah. To hell with everyone.

Anonymous said...

No I want to be zorro.

Anonymous said...

You mean Zero?

Anonymous said...

Sooo funny. The whole elite is supporting more population growth. No one speaking to support Prof Lim's recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Elite but....inferiority complex

Anonymous said...

The elites are basically a bunch of insecure people that look very secure on camera.

Anonymous said...

You mean a bunch of certified lunatics?

Anonymous said...

Wat talking You!
R U saying d 60% and those many sinkies who kip
repeating tat most of the earlier PAP MEMBERS were
d founding fathers of our glorious Sin today.
R we not where we are today bcos of them? And justifiably
Sinkies shld suffer 4 behaving liked dogs. Dummies deserve
their fate 4 having blind faith to their masters.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi guys, let's debate over facts or even opinion. Everyone is entitled to his opinions and views. We are discussing about the future of the country and the direction it should go.

There are those who want it to go north, some south, but what is important is the reason to do so. Is it for good or bad reasons?

Anonymous said...

Never mind...send our brightest to all these big cock cities and what happened? They come back to our shores where their scholarly butts are placed on the thrones of shihuangti and they start to implement big cock ideas.

Who are they? Your fucking sons and daughters whom you push for As or Ass in schools and you expect hem to think ou of the box? Preese.

Anonymous said...

Yep. There are those heavily invested in properties and would support anything that will see property prices shooting to the sky. Selfish interest is supreme.

Individuals can think and behave like that. Govt or leaders must think for the majority good.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you. You think like that too

Anonymous said...

Wah, you think garbagemen will think cheap meh? Think cheap will do multimillion dollars job meh?

Don't hear from people mouths, hear from people's pockets. People's mouth can be holy, people's lunjiaos can be in underage prostitutes

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...
Hi guys, let's debate over facts or even opinion. Everyone is entitled to his opinions and views. We are discussing about the future of the country and the direction it should go.

There are those who want it to go north, some south, but what is important is the reason to do so. Is it for good or bad reasons?


Now your painting is unfolding.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that after reading all the media and listening to all the top dogs from the establishment, I am fully convinced that they truly and sincerely believe that more population is good for the country and people and the only forward. There is no other way out, like the mouse on the spin wheel. You gotta keep spinning the wheel.

For the citizens, you can agree and go along with their thinking or you can disagree and kpkb.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Growth, properly understood, and non-inflationary is a reflection of an increase in productivity.

At any given time, resources are scarce. Time, is the individual's scarcest resource. To become more efficient in production of goods and services is wise. At the very least, if you can produce what you need faster and cheaper, you'll have more time and be wealthier.

...which is what the human race has become. Most of us now work a 5 day, 40 hr week, and we have leisure time to get massages, get drunk with friends, go on trips, consume vast amounts of electronic and physical media, try different things from food to sex and everything else in between.

Consider 100, 200,...or 800 years ago. Most people were poor, doing really hard work, earning very little. If you could bathe once every so often, you were lucky.

Increases in productivity means the savings in scarce resources (like time and money) can slowly be deployed to "solve" other human problems -- whether it is a need for a new game, or a cure for brain disorder, or the building of a new school to indoctrinate children.

No growth means no life.

Anonymous said...

And thus the great deception.

Anonymous said...

The ongoing policy is just an extension of d past. The man who got Sin is still d One calling d shots n he is still rever by Sinkies like god. U will see Sinkies weeping when he dies.

Anonymous said...

Too much money n time result in vice such as debauchery and it will invoke the wrath of d almighty

Anonymous said...

The almighty not interested in your sex life. Only your church does

Gintai_昇泰 said...

I say increase our population to 10 million. Why stop at 6 million? Did'nt our PM say that it's for the good of Singaporeans? Singaporeans always come first? Let it be 10 million so that Singaporens will benefit! If otherwise the Singapore economic miracle will be over! Listen to the good PM. Remember he is elected by the people.