The art of making Asians lick everything

The Titanic, the Unsinkable cruise liner, the biggest of its time, the biggest technological achievement of Britain, the biggest flop, the biggest tragedy!

If the sinking of the Titanic were to happen to any Asian or African country, it would be a national shame, like the failure of the satellite launch by the North Koreans. The western media will have a field day laughing their guts out. Daft Koreans could not even build a rocket to launch a satellite. What would it be if the Titanic was built by the North Koreans or the Russians or the Chinese? The West would be giggling themselves crazy and laughing on their stomachs.

100 years on, the British and their silly former colonies are celebrating the sinking of this mammoth ship that took thousands of lives of the British and European elite class, the aristocracy, the royalties and the gentries. Yes, they are celebrating the ill fated maiden voyage of a ship they called the Unsinkable that sunk on its very first voyage. Instead of shame and agony, it is time for celebration and a big PR blitz complete with memorabilia and keepsakes of the romantic times.

It was not a failure of technology. It was human error. Everyone was celebrating and allowed the ship to kiss an iceberg. It is all about how to reframe a story. We should learn a bit from this media blitz and celebrate the daily breakdowns of our MRT system, the jewel of achievement of a first world country known for flawless efficiency. Maybe it is too early to make such a celebration when there is a BOI. Maybe at least to wait till the BOI is over. Maybe we can wait for another 100 years to make it real big and after all the angst and cursing is over, and a future generation that just want to have a good time, no matter what reasons or occasions.


Anonymous said...

How about celebrating Pearl Harbour or Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Anonymous said...

When a ship like the Titanic is sailing straight towards an iceberg;
No amount of productivity training is going to save the ship.
Only a major change of course will save the situation.

This is where the phrase "Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" comes from.

Is Singapore the next Titanic?
Is productivity the real solution?
Will a regime change provide the major change of course that is needed?
Will voting in more Opposition MPs provide sufficient momentum to change course to avoid the iceberg?

GE 2016.
You decide.
Choose wisely.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah redbean. If it happened to any African and Asian cuntree, it will be Africans and Asians celebrating because the people most likely to be on board would be the asshole crony capitalists and kani nabu lazy "white horse" rich motherfuckers who treat people lower don the social ladder like shit.

The western media will go ape shit anyway. They're in it for global domination and the big mega bucks. It's not a "race" thing lah. It'll always come down to the almighty dollar for the Western MSM. People like Ted Turner, Rupbert Murdoch, ex-jailbird Conrad Black and their financier buddy George Soros will all be having huge cock-stands, they'll probably end up sucking each other off.

Don't for get when you talk about "western media" you are referring to a bunch of very rich left wing progressive liberals -- "money and free speech for me, socialism and government control for the rest of you idiots". Western progressive liberal have a mental disorder.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Whether it is a race thing or a thing of dominance, the Europeans were very good in the colonial days. They were willing to join as a band of robbers and carve out the world with each having a piece of the cake. And of course the cake was big enough for all of them acting in unison.

They are still using the same formula to divide up the world, by taking out a few countries singly at a time, and attack as a group. It is organisation for dominance, like the mafias against the helpless and unorganised masses.

Matilah_Singapura said...

And the way to get around big groups trying to usurp your life is to be an organised individual.

The masses deserve the shit because they won't free themselves from the herd. Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Wat's productivity? Whose yardstick to use, tyhe rulers', the employers' or the workers'???

Or is it liked wat was shown on CNA; a worker does the works of 3 people and paid slightly more than his/her normal pay?

Anonymous said...

The worker who did the work of three failed to realize he/she had DEPRIVED TWO OTHER PEOPLE FROM EMPLOYMENT!