Would PAP eat its own words?

Speculations abound of a by election in Hougang plus one or plus two GRCs. Technically Tanjong Pagar is due for a by election and so is Marine Parade. One candidate is time to exit and one still a big liability. Talks of Hsien Loong vacating Ang Mo Kio is too far fetched. He cannot afford to put his head on the chopping block. An election is an election and anyone can lose. Unless he is planning for his own exit from politics.

The other key consideration is what PAP had said about holding by election. It is an expensive exercise, very serious, and not masak masak. You get the people to elect their representatives and don’t suka suka decide to change the MPs after a year and replace with new candidates. It does not bode well on the PAP in their choice of candidates and how they regard by elections, which they had sneered at the sacking of Yaw Shin Loong. In the case of Yaw, there is an element of indiscretion and integrity which are compelling enough to have a change of candidacy.

There are no extenuating circumstances for the PAP to be able to justify having by elections in other wards or GRCs just to replace a candidate. It will be going against what they had said. They can’t be telling the people of Tanjong Pagar that LKY is retiring after one year in office. They should have known. Neither can they announce that a MP has to give way for being found unsuitable.

So, how believeable is this talk of more than one by elections? It could be a red herring being thrown out to get everyone excited for whatever reasons. It could be a lure to entrap the adventurous.


Padaly said...

Ya! They say having by election is expensive. Costs incurred when the ppl demand for by election in Hougang. But they can suka suka call for by election. When it comes to them costs don't matter any more. Tan CB is right to speculate that there may be more than one by election in Hougang. May they trying to get Ong into govt? It's going to be exciting. Tan JS or Nicole Seah or anybody will still have a chance to participate after all. Spoilt for seats. No need to rush to Hougang lah! Lunchbox!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Not to come across as a "supporter", but the incumbent party does have the upper hand -- i.e. they can call an election even before one is due. That comes with being the incumbent.

Also, it is a valid point: elections are expensive. If a Member has to go mid term, it might be fair and less disruptive if a successor was appointed -- just for the remaining time. Election time will come around again as it always does, so no one has any guarantee of "permanence".

Hougang is however, a special case, because of the circumstances and of its political history.

Give them an election. And be done with it. Hang the expense. Singapore is rich, it can well afford to do the right thing by the good residents of Hougang.

End of story. PAP, don't be such assholes.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

PM, stop pussyfooting around the Hougang by-election. This feet-dragging only makes you look petulant and ungracious. So what if you lose, at least you lose with dignity and honour, and people will respect you more for it. So get it over with already! Who knows, maybe you can even win!

Winston Churchill once said:
"In War: Resolution; In Defeat: Defiance;
In Victory: Magnanimity; In Peace: Good Will"

So how about it, show some good will. Besides you are the Prime Minister, which must mean something.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree. Hsien Loong should show that he is a statesman and a respectful one. Like you said, win or lose is one thing, but to come out of it and be seen as a good man is worth everything.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is where my slight annoyance with the PAP grows into fucking neurotic, deep psychotic anger, bordering on violent rage.

Give it up. The longer you stall , the bigger an asshole you look.

The "expense" argument doesn't hold water at all in this case. Go to the polls and be done with it.

Do the right thing.
Do things right.

Anonymous said...

Does not matter when or if they hold the Hougang by elections.

My vote goes to the Opposition any and every chance I get.

I want to fark the PAPigs with my vote the way they fuck me with all their taxes and surcharges.

Anonymous said...

Oni Lay Singaporeans are interested in election and or by-election.
The Rulers are not interested in any election, they are oni interested to RULE THE PEOPLE.
Anyway, get over it, enjoy whatever one can now, what's gonna happens to Singapore tomorrow is hard to tell, however be prepared for the 'worsetest' and 'badest'.


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