The widening reality gap

Everyone is familiar with the widening income gap. A similar gap that is opening up but not frequently discussed is the reality gap or perception gap between the govt and the people. Both parties(maybe I should say 40%) seem to be looking in opposition direction but with the govt having the final say and adamantly expecting the people to accept its version of reality. Period, let’s move on, nothing else to talk about.

Or am I the odd one out that seems to be seeing things, that there is no such reality gap. Surely note if one is to read the comments in the main media and internet. What the govt said is the real thing, and the people agree completely, wholeheartedly. 60% said so. The direction set by the govt for the future of this island is the common goal of the people. There is no disagreement, the people are with the govt and will go along with all the govt’s reasoning and policies.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Can you have a good life for yourself and your loved ones...regardless of the shit in the world and the occasional turd which will hit you?

Can or not?

If can, no problem.

If cannot, quickly find someone or something to blame...e.g. "the government" which will then automatically relinquish you of any responsibility for your life.

Try it. It obviously works...judging from the postings and comments on this site ;-)

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapore;

spirit, to an atheist like me, has never being interpreted as anything supernatural. It is not god, devil or ghost.

Spirit is the humanities humans are naturally endowed with. No science or engineering involved. Humans are born different from the other animals; You can claim this aspect of human as science whereas to me, science or no science, we are born the way we are.