Third World War coming!

Japan has moved its Patriot missile system to protect Tokyo. Its military forces are in full alert. Its air defense forces have been given the order to shoot. The whole country is in a state of fear and hysteria.

The South Koreans too are in full alert. War is going to break out soon. They are all ready to shoot anything crossing their sky. The Americans 7th Fleet is in full battle order. All the men are in battle stations. It is red alert. At any moment war is to be declared. Obama is not having any sleep.

The western media are working 24 hours printing reports of how dangerous the situation is now. The whole world and world institutions are worried. Correction, the whole world is defined as the US and its semi colonies, and the world institutions are American and western institutions.

Even Asean is afraid, very afraid. But many countries are going about their lives as if nothing is happening. China, Russia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, India, the whole of Africa and South America, and many other countries do not know that the third world war is about to happen.

Why? What is causing this epic event to happen? Oh, the North Koreans are sending its satellite to space. And it is like the end of the world, and all those hysterical countries believe or wanting the whole world to believe that they will be attacked by the North Koreans soon. The North Koreans are going to attack the US, Japan, South Korea and silly countries like the Philippines and you know who. How dangerous.

The people of the world, quickly hide inside your bomb shelters. The third world war is going to happen, all because the North Koreans are going to send a satellite to space. Isn’t this what many countries are doing and nothing happens? What is real and what is to believe?


Anonymous said...

If Japan dares to shoot at the NK satellite, the N Koreans should just send their missiles into Tokyo. If Japan responds, then N Korea should just let the Japanese cities have a taste of their medium range missiles.

Anonymous said...

The Americans would want a war in Asia and let the Koreans and Japanese kill each other.

Anonymous said...

nobody lives forever.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is China sending a reminder, through its satellite North Korea, to other Asian states, that China IS THE most influential player in Asia.

Small-fuck Asian states need to understand this, and not run to the Big White Daddy of the world for "protection". Remember, Big White Daddy and his friends are ow focusing their military supremacy in the Asian region because of "the China threat".

It is no secret that China has plans to become a dominant military power, and it is doing so very quickly.

China is going to get and keep the Spratley Islands. Fait accompli. And the other Asian contenders are pissed about it.

Too bad. In geo politics, might is right.

China cannot be seen to provoke the rest of Asia -- especially S Korea and Japan...and INDIA -- directly. Too controversial.

Add to that the world's media (run and owned by bleeding-heart, entitlement-mentality, welfare-bums Western Liberals) has long decided that China is "evil" because of "human rights abuses", (YAWN) and "lack of democracy" (DOUBLE YAWN).

So in keeping with good military strategy ala Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz, send the message "don't fuck with me" via a proxy -- North Korea -- pretend to be conciliatory by showing the world's press that N Korea has "nothing to hide" and that it means no aggression to anyone.


No WW3 this time. Too early yet.

Asian waters have to be filled with western and allied navies, Asian skies have to be swarming with drones, and China has to have its stealth airforce and navy operational.... then we can have fun!

Anonymous said...

Plse lah dun exaggerate until like that! I'm in Tokyo and while many people are concerned they are hardly in fear and hysteria . Too busy enjoying drinking and partying under the cherryblossom trees at the moment. The Japanese are more concerned about the starting up of current offline nuclear power stations...just keeping it real.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No lah, I am not exaggerating lah. It is the Imperial Japanese Army that is exaggerating the whole issue of a peaceful satellite launch into a pretext of a world war and bringing its ineffective Patriot Missile Defence system to the heart of Tokyo. Even the Japanese in Tokyo are laughing at the silliness of it all.

But if one trigger happy banzai soldier pull the trigger, then they cannot blame the N Koreans for raining their missiles into Tokyo. That will be nice revenge for the Koreans.

Anonymous said...

This Japanese drama, trying to put the N Koreans as a rogue country and instigating the two Koreans to kill each other. I hope the Japs succeed and recolonise the Korean peninsula.

http://padaly.wordpress.com said...

Actually the real problem or world war if there is one will come from the middle east ie Iran, Israel etc. This North Korea pariah only wayang. It has been like that for so long. The ral danger lies in the middle east where the oil is!

abao said...

no worries, the IJN has its combined fleet in the form of the US 7th fleet.

Should be more than enough to hold another Kantai Kessen this time round.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Padaly, yes the middle east is the powder keg, China will try its best to prevent a war in east asia. And I think the Koreans are not stupid enough to want to kill each other. They have avoided the false flag Choenan Incident and that was telling of their intelligence.

If they fall into the American or Japanese trap, they will wipe each other out and ended as colonies of the US or Japan once again.

The other point is not to be indoctrinated by the Americans in branding the North Koreans as a pariah trouble maker. They just want to be left on their own to develope at their own pace, like Myanmar. They will open up when they are ready.

It is the Americans that is trying to demonise them and with the western media doing all the bad publicity campaign. Asians should wise up and think for themselves on who is good and who is bad, who is the poiceman and who is the gangster.

The US is the gangster but passing itself as the policeman.

And Abao, the two Koreans are the pawns of the Americans and Japanese. They will be the sacrificial lambs if they are not careful.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I say, tambi. Even if you take out the US gangster out of the picture, some other cuntree will expand to become a dominant super power.

Even if that doesn't happen immediately, cuntrees will still be hostile toward each other -- incorporating a range of activities from cold shoulder, to trade embargoes, to saber rattling and chest beating, to border skirmishes or outright military combat.

It is human nature to be warlike when organised into groups. And nothing organises more effectively than politics, coupled with territory and culture.

There is no period in human history when the species was not at war. Factually speaking, because of the spread of ideas of freedom and liberty, technological progress and increase in wealth and equality (emergence of the middle class) we as a species are fighting less, but we are still fighting.

Anonymous said...


get your fact right. The japanese are preparing for battle against Godzilla and the stooges of Godzilla monsters, mothra, ghidorah, that will be unleashed to the world, not battling against countries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right my friend. When those godzillas and ultramen go flying around: )