Not seeing the woods but crying over the trees

Cherian George continues with the episode of smelly bodies and Shimun Lai in the ST today. He also recalled the unfortunate UOB dinner and dance incident when a little mimicry with no bad intention or could be seen as flattery was accused of racism. And the cry for the lynching of Shimun Lai has still not subsided while the real issue that led to the outburst was brushed aside completely.

Cherian George also acknowledges the issue of bad body odour in Indians though it is not the case. Everyone, I say everyone, smells if not wash properly. This has nothing to do with race though some are prone to smell differently depending on their diet and the environment, and of course social habits and standard of personal hygiene.

The crux of the matter is that smelling bad is offensive. And in a highly congested city, in the jam packed trains and buses, my god, pray you don’t have to be squeezed in between a couple of smelly bodies. This is no laughing matter. Imagine the smell could hit you 2 metres away and one is less than a face away.

Why is there no follow up as to how to minimise this social problem? Shall the society or the commuters just accept that smelly bodies are one of those things and have to live with them? Graciousness, first world? Can something be done to minimise this unpleasant encounters by commuters?

No one will welcome a smelly person into their midst or into their homes. It is to the disadvantage of those who smell to find themselves being ostracised. There have been many encounters in working environment in Raffles Place and Shenton Way as well and not only in the dirty construction or sewage industries.

My simple suggestion is to educate the affected to wash and clean more often. And washing and taking a bath first thing in the morning is a must and could help quite a lot. It is unfair to blame others for being rude when one walks around carrying and sharing the bad odour and expecting people to live with it. There is no need to spend a lot of money to keep clean and don’t smell. There is no need to pour a bottle of armour or scented water on one’s body. Just keep it wash and clean.

Or shall everyone just shut up and pretend the problem is not there and when one comes along, pinched the nose and give the person a dirty look? The smelly problem is there and is not going away by pretending it is not there. The lynching of Shimun Lai will not solve the problem. It only encourages the smelly to think it is alright to smell wherever they go. Just don’t talk about it.

Anyone thinking of a solution or wanting a solution other than crying father and crying mother?


Veritas said...

After many years of studying Indian history, I would like to highlight certain salient aspect. We need to separate high caste Indians and low caste Indians. They are completely different things. My Indian here refers to people from south asia, aka Pak, India, Bangla and Nepal.

I like low caste Indians. They make up the majority bulk of the first wave migration to Singapore. Today, low caste FW Indians continues to toil and be exploited by wicked employer here.

They collect rubbish, build all these shinny Marina Sands, under the most horrible working conditions. Nevertheless, however horrible Singapore is, it is 10x much better than the shit they get from their high caste Indian brothers in India.

Low caste Indian are humble. Very often if you greet those street cleaners, they return it back with the most humble smile.

Fucking high caste Indian are the worst than Nazi. They are racist crackpot. I am not exaggerating. One of my former colleauge in civil service who is low caste told me that when he was young, he was banned from entering his neighbor house because his neighbors thinks that his presence is a desecration. Whenever his touches the son of his neighbors, he will get beaten.

Whenever high caste Indian went, everyone else reduced to shit. The forbear of high caste Indians are the most stupid salvages Aryan from central Asia. They come down Indus ganges plain, doing all sorts of killing and plundering and raping. The cleverest people in the whole world, the Dravidian, then lived Indus ganges plain. Today their descendent, the Dalits are the most stupid in the world due to 5000 years of exploitation.

1000 years later, these Brahmin went to Nepal, the clever Tharu people who give the world Buddha receive the same shit.

Today, PAP bring them to Singapore to make us all Dalits. We are already being kick out of jobs by these racist. Citibank CBP is now 100% Indians. This come to pass after Vikram Pandit was made CEO Citi.

Coincidentally, a little while after Ainshu Jain took over CEO Deutsches Bank, the APAC boss Singaporean Loh Boon Chye left, and many FT Indian lieutenant were posted here taking key positions.

Within 30 years time, Singaporeans are going to have career only in shit collector and woman in prostitution.

5000 years ago, FT Indian deceive the most clever Dravidian to prostitute their woman and enslave themselves. Those wicked Aryan told them that they must suffer because of some wicked things they did in past life.

Today FT Indians come Singapore repeat the same 5000 tricks, together with their lackey PAP. They tell us they good in IT....etc and Singaporeans are stupid, daft, and FT Indians are clever...etc.

We must not buy these shit. I am here to kick our Singaporeans brothers out of slumber. We are the most clever people. We must not be deceived by these racist thinking we are no good. We must kick out PAP.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My nit picking pedantry, to correct the arse-awful science from redbean:

> some are prone to smell differently depending on their diet and the environment,

It is more likely to be genetic. In addition to the genetic expression, people have different strains of bacteria in and on them -- i.e. on the surface of their skin. In fact, "you" are actually mostly bacteria. [1] | [2]

*** It is the BACTERIA which are responsible for the body odour. *** The genes which are responsible are genes that play important roles in the immune system.

Solution: People ought to understand the mechanics of the problem first, then look for solutions based on the EVIDENCE and the SCIENCE describing the problem. In other words, base the solutions on FACTS and LOGIC.

Can you do that? Apparently not, but there is hope yet.

>> washing and taking a bath first thing in the morning is a must and could help quite a lot.

I agree 100%. But you will be surprised. Many people WON'T/ DON'T BATHE IN THE MORNING.

WTF??? They tell me it's "too cold". Kani-nah...Singapore too cold? I take cold showers in Australia (including winter) at 0500 hrs everyday including weekends. What kind of wimps are there in Singapore?

>> Or shall everyone just shut up and pretend the problem is not there and when one comes along, pinched the nose and give the person a dirty look?

Here redbean displays a complete lack of maturity.

There are ways to relate sensitive issues to people who need to be told that some aspect of themselves is bothering other people.

That is not to say you are not going to offend sensitivities, or cause negative emotional reactions. Take a deep breath: THAT CAN'T BE HELPED -- some people are going to get pissed no matter HOW SENSITIVE you are in delivering the message.

But deliver the message you must -- or everyone continues to like in Stink City.

Any boss who works in hospitality (say) has NO PROBLEM telling his/ her workers to buck up on their personal hygiene / personal presentation.

Also Ms Lai's Tweet was PRIVATE -- i.e. supposed to remain among friends ONLY, but went public and viral because of betrayal by a 'Frenemy'.

Becareful what you write. And choose your friends, wisely.

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fully agree with your observation about branding. Once a person is branded as shit, he subconsciously accepted it but not before the full force of the authority is levelled at him to comply.

It has a long historical precedence. How about being branded a sinner when you have not done anything wrong? But once a person accepted that branding, he is living in shame and praying for salvation, to be save for sins he did not committed nor know why. He was simply told he is a sinner. Anyone claiming to be a saviour can easily have him for breakfast.

Parents be very careful with you little ones. They have nice little classes encouraging the young ones to confess their sins to everyone in the group. And anything can become sin and the victim will be living in guilt for his life and feeling so fortunate that he is saved.

The Americas branded the Red Indians as savages and had to be terminated without any feelings of guilt and conscience. God was on their side.

They branded the Africans as slaves by putting hot irons on their hides.

They branded the Asians, Chinese and Japs as good for nothing except cooking, washing and laundrying. And they passed laws to brand them as no talents. A kind of legal and psychological oppression. Asians deserved it for willingly accepting the branding.

We are branding our sinkies as dull and daft, and despite scoring straight As will have to work for third world supertalents whose credentials are even doubtful. If we do not break out of this psychological oppression, we don't even know why we became more stupid than those from little villages and slums of the third world.

And the sickening thing is that Sinkies believe that they are dull, and the third grade third world super talents believe they are the talented. Our super talents are the ones that said so.

This pervasion and conditioning of the mind of sinkies will obliterate them in time to come for simply believing that they are so. And we even have policies to make it so.

You are absolutely right about such conditioning.

The Koreans were colonised by the Japs and always think inferior to the Japs. Today they are going to kick the Jap's asses. The cooks and laundry men of the world are now taking the world by their bare hands and proving that they can become the number one nation in time to come. So are many Asian countries proving that they can do better than their colonial masters.

The only nationality that is bound for the dustbin of history is sinkie. They are told simply that they are no good and they believe so, acknowledge and accept it. So the good jobs will go to foreigners and they will be kicked around as NGs.

Just watch, every CEO vacancy that is available, they will go around the world hunting for them and what they got are no better than our children. This is another kind of selling out.

Thou shalt not covet other people's talents. It shall read, thou shall honour thy own talents.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, bacteria is a major cause of smell. The diet is equally important. You smell like what you eat. Heard of that?

Matilah_Singapura said...


In a few years 1 in 6 people on the planet will be Indian, as India's population grows and the effects of China's One-Kid-Per-Cunt Policy manifest itself in larger consequences.

If anyone has issues with Indian people and their culture to ethnicity, they had better come to terms with their bigotry/ prejudice / racism or be prepared to live a life of mental anguish.

There is only ONE RACE: The Human Race.

There is no such 'thing' as RACE
(write down 100's of times until you 'get it'...you shameful emotionally-bent, irrational motherfucking cocksucking asshole, you!)

...i.e. when you comment on and draw conclusions about other people based on their 'race', you are succumbing to AN ILLUSION. But you still believe it. That shows you how GULLIBLE and prone to error the human brain is.
Confirmation Bias

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

Correcting redbean's arsehole-god-awful-suck-dogs-dick science once again:

>> The diet is equally important.

No, it is not. You are off, again. Logical fallacy: False Equivalence

Yes, what one eats --- depending on what the food is -- can affect body odour, but not ALWAYS. For e.g. I can eat curry, garlic, onions, cabbage and not smell (body-wise) any different -- except for the farts -- they are noticeably different.

However I have friends who if they eat garlic and spices, need to take extra baths, if they want to maintain good relations ;-)

At the end of the day it is the bacteria breaking down the compounds excreted by your body.

Never lose sight of the fact that we are mostly bacteria. Which is why if our immune system is compromised, we are mostly likely do die quite horribly. And after we do die, bacteria starts eating us up immediately.

Look at your friend, and hopefully he'll look back at you. Now consider that the both of you are MOSTLY BACTERIA. 90%.

Body odour is the default...i.e. it is to be expected.

Anonymous said...

The Indian FTs are possibly trying to bring back the glorious halcyon days of the Majapahit empire.

Anonymous said...

DBS Bank CEO - Piyush Gupta

Citibank CEO - Vikram Pandit

Deutsche Bank CEO- Ainshu Jain

Portfolio Mgt.Head- Dilhan Pillay

Temasek Chairman - S.Dhanabalan

Can anyone add to the list?

Anonymous said...

Adeh, Dhana is a true blue Singaporean, ok? He isn't some trashy import from a third world cuntry!

Anonymous said...

Oi Adeh, who gave these Fts the chance to be brought in ha?

Anonymous said...

April 01, 2012 11:28 AM

The list was meant to show that there are more FTs than Local Talents. I never claim tt Dhanabalan is a FT. I know tt he held various cabinet positions from 1980 to early 1990.
Not all Singaporeans are as ignorant as you think.

Anonymous said...

LinkedIn CEO also Indian FT.

Anonymous said...

"LinkedIn CEO also Indian FT.

April 01, 2012 12:25 PM"

Ya, I checked and found that LinkedIn Singapore Office will be located at Marina Boulevard and headed by Arvind Rajan.

Veritas said...

haha daft Deutsches Bank sinkies, your days are numbered. According to recently financial news, people speculate that the Deutsches Bank investment arm APAC boss Singaporeans Loh Boon Chye mysteriously resign because he is reserved about the new coporate structure. (Anshu Jain design it??)

By the way, after Anshu Jain was made CEO, the Singapore office got is seeing FT Indians rising like a meteor. First his buddy Ashok T Aram will not only be promoted to the top leadership of DB, but will is currently the front runner for FB APAC, and is expected to succeed Robert Rankin the current CEO of DB APEC.

Another sources say Robert Rankin will be replaced by -- Gunit Chaha, another FT Indian.

I have no sympathy for bankers. Those TBTF banks as well as local banks deserve to go bankrupt for blood sucking the economy, creating inflation, putting us into debt, while themselves prosper for not doing anything.

But to have local bankers replaced by FT Indians is even a more unpalatable situation.

Those FT Indians come and tell everyone Singaporeans are stupid, so must hire FT Indians. In HK, FT Indians standards are so low, and the coward HK government has more spine that you cannot see these racist kicking in HK, not in the way they do in Singapore.

In HK, most bankers are still Honkies.

Right after Vikram Pandits became Citi CEO, Citi started to kick out Singaporeans more intensely to the point where Citi CBP is 100% FT Indians.

Now Anshu Jain is now CEO of DB, either his buddy Aram or another joker Gunit is going amakudari her to be CEO DB APAC, you DB Sinkies prepare send out resume.

Singaporeans deserve to get fucked if we continue to vote in PAP.

Anonymous said...

More shit. If you can't tell the difference between bacteria and your own body cells.. "In fact, "you" are actually mostly bacteria.." so I take it since you didn't shit this morning.. therefore you are mostly shit.... so that explains plenty....

Anonymous said...

I don't know much and am not concerned about race but I definitely am not comfortable when a Bank, a Bank for christ sake, is managed almost entirely by the same race as its CEO. In reality, that means some kind of a "coup" has taken place although there will be the usual vehement denial.

I walk the talk with my money. Any bank that is perceived to be "taken over" this way will lose my custom and I don't give a shit if one in six people of this Earth is of any one race. And believe you me, lots of people with bankable money think this way. There are probably thousands of banks on this planet without this kind of racial nepotism that will welcome their money.

All I am looking for is a diverse representative nationality component in a Bank's management structure to add some sense and equilibrium to their business.

Banking is international. So it must be not only be seen as such but actually must be such to win the confidence of its customers.

If these banks don't wake up and become truly multiracial, they run the risks of being "has beens".

Fuck them.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 149:

Science illiterate are we? I'm not surprised. You come across as an in-bred mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger.

Someone should tell your family to stop the incest :-)

Anonymous said...

Its good to highlight these malpractices and anomalous situations so that Sinkies at least realise now that they are being screwed left, right and centre.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The FTs would not have the courage to come here and shit on us. We gave them the green light by telling them to shit on Sinkies. So they came and shit and we say very good, not smelly at all.

It is good that the Indians are taking over all the American and European banks. These banks have lost their ownership and up for grabs if the top few guys know how. It will happen to Singapore if we don't take our country back and listen to craps like Matilah. To him, Sinkies do not own this island and anyone can come in and take it, ala meritocracy.

Another thing that is sad is that Sinkies will pour their money to bail these banks out when they run into shit. We were so naive to think that if we pour in the money and let the management run in to earn money for us we will be rich. We didn't think that the management could grab the banks and our money too if we don't have any control over it.

I know kids are easy to con as they were taught that people are basically kind and honest, or if you pay them damn well they will not cheat on you.

Veritas said...

I think PAP think that Singaporeans are long due to be shit collector and Indian racist must be No 1 master here. Lee Hsien Loong is No 1 crackpot here who is either clueless of what he is doing or he is working for foreign governments to sell out Sinkies. Nothing good came from him, and his family. His wife ruined our sovereign funds.

Recently traitor Ex-President Nathan go and pay tribute the the traitor Subhash Chandra Bose, clearly demonstrated how rotten PAP is.

Subhash Chandra Bose was the leaders of the 2 former British FT Indian coward traitor divisions that turned and fought for the Japs. How many blood of people in Malaya is on the hands of these people.

Nathan you can go and die.

Worse, there is this crackpot George Yeo, who successfully conned Singaporeans think he is a nice guy catholic but in fact he is extremely evil and fuck-up.

The nuts George Yeo few weeks back requested that the National Heritage Board restore memorial to Subhas Chandra Bose.

He must go and eat shit. Does he know how many Subhas Chandra Bose had been responsible for people killed in Malaya? All those upright reisitant fighters.

PAP is really NUTS. They now lick Indians' dick.

Anonymous said...

splashing on cheap perfumes is even more nausating than body odors.

Veritas said...


Today, the intellects who are supposed to be our beacon is still sleeping. No one come forth and educate us who is this Chandra Bose.

Our elites have no heart. George Yeo and Nathan now lick up SC Bose who have killed our fathers. PAP has lost themselves.

As a small blogger, I will bark and bark, to do my responsibility as a citizen, to inform my people. And I thank you for doing your part.

We need to get rid of PAP.

Anonymous said...


Mel Gibson speaks to Singaporeans just before GE 2016


Anonymous said...


Charlie Chaplin speaks at the Pro Alien Party's political convention.


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