Two different perspectives to raise pay

Reasons to justify pay hike for workers

  1. Increase in productivity
  2. If recommended by the NWC
  3. Better employee performance
  4. Increase in company profit
  5. Cost of living adjustment
  6. Difficulties in recruitment
  7. Need to pay for talent

Reasons to justify pay hike for ministers

  1. Difficulties in recruitment
  2. To prevent corruption
  3. To pay for the bestest talent
  4. To keep up with the private sector
  5. To maintain a comfortable life style
  6. To compensate for the great sacrifice
  7. To maintain dignity
  8. To retain talent or they will quit
  9. Increase in GDP
  10. Individual performance
  11. More appointment or wearing more hats

From the above, it is obvious that there are more reasons to give pay rise to ministers. There are 11 reasons compare to 7 reasons for the workers.

My observations are limited and I am sure there are more reasons to justify for a pay rise for workers and ministers. Equally there are many reasons not to prevent pay rise for workers and ministers.

In the case of workers, they need to be competitive, to be cheap, better and faster. And they is a huge supply of workers from poorer countries who are willing to work for less. And workers have lesser hats to wear, lesser appointments to be blessed on them. The only reasons to prevent minister pay hike is when the people are angry just like the Citigroup AGM when they minority shareholders voted against the obscene pay of their top management. Other than this, pay hike for top management is a cake walk.


Anonymous said...

8. To reduce inequality
9. To improve happiness index
10. To meet high cost of living in 1st world most expensive city
11. To prevent workers exhaustion as they didn't need to moonlight 2/3rd jobs or resort to escort/prostitution/loansharking activities
12. To preserve social cohesion

Anonymous said...

12. To ensure absolute loyalty to Ah Kong + Son.
Without a doubt should be top consideration, i.e when in doubt, always refer to rule #12

Don't take my word for it, ask Kim Jr of N Korea, he and Ah Kong's son have much in common....

Anonymous said...

First of all, you must believe in the ladder. Without the ladder, you can't climb to the top. With the ladder, unfortunately, you may be part of the masses who stay at the bottom fighting for crumbs.

So do you blame the guy at the top of the game or do you think it could be the...hmmmm....ladder?

Anonymous said...

Got ladder also no use. Too many snakes at the top. You will end up playing snake & ladder all day..lost productivity lah! Look no further than LTA/SMRT COI.

Anonymous said...

You put the ladder, inevitably, the snake will sit at the top and...pee on you lol

Anonymous said...

Reasons are manufactured to suit the occassion. And they are always so convincing, it seems. What can we say?

Anonymous said...

With internet, every foolish reason will be smashed to pieces and the spouter will be made to look like a fool. Many have been taken to task recently.

HDB prices are affordable! Fucking nonsense.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you are in the marginal bracket, you will always be disadvantaged because you have no "leverage ". You'll always be negotiating from a Position Of Weakness.

Appeal to self interest trumps any (miguidedi
attempt to appeal to "good natue" and "altruism".

People tend to be altruistic when tey already have what they need in the safety of abundance.

So if you don't have "sort after value" chances are youhave to accept what is offered to you... or be without. You want more? You have to be worth more.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Forget about "reducing inequality". The incentive to do better is driven by the fact that you need a personal advantage to give yourself an edge over people competing for the same goodies you are.

If you don't have an "edge" why should you be hired, or paid "equal" to others?

Equality sucks. Get an advantage. That's how games are played. Te market economy is just a huge interactive game. That's all.