A new ministry to look after PRs and foreign talents

With the govt starting to place emphasis on the goodness of being citizens and cutting down on the privileges of PRs and foreign talents, these people will start to feel what it is like for being neglected by govt policies. Lam Pin Min is quite pro active in seeing the plight and suffering of these saviours of Sinkies and would like to see more assistance to help them. Setting up some funds to help the lower income PRs and foreign talents is a good start but definitely will not be enough. There are more than a million of them here and the problems they are facing cannot be solved by piece meal solutions.

The interests and well being of 2 million PRs and foreigners, just my guess, would need a ministry and a minister, plus minister of state and parliamentary committees to do a proper job. 2m is a big number when the locals, ie citizens, only make up 3m of the population. And for the 3m of citizens, there is a whole govt with all the ministers and MPs looking after and caring for them. It is time that a proper ministry be created to do a good job. And don’t forget, our benefactors are not here to sponge on the economy, but to help us. They need to be well looked after. If not they will move on.

As for the new ministry, the work is already cut out for it. One of the key missions is to make sure that govt policies are favourable to the PRs and foreigners and any changes must take into account their interests. Can’t imagine what the economy will be like if they vote with their legs. They can’t vote with their hands yet. Scary.

Don’t ask me where the money is going to come from to start another ministry, to pay for minister, minister of state, parliamentary secretary, permanent secretary and the whole works. One possibility is to make the PRs and foreigners to pay some kind of welfare levy to support such a ministry created specially to look after them. Singaporeans could help by subsidizing a part of the cost too, to show appreciation and gratefulness for their contributions to Singapore and Singaporeans’ good.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I propose a new policy: The Permanent Termination Of Loser Locals Program...based on the discredited ideas in the realm of eugenics...once upon a time actually seriously contemplated by Lee Kuan Yew and ball-lickers.

A national standard of "Making it" is established. Those who fall below are tagged "Cannot Make It" or in a lower category "Can't Be Bothered To Even Try To Make It".

Nature kills off the weak. Singapore should do the same.

jjgg said...

Matilah..Singapore already doing that..EFFICIENTLY!!!..U don't see high cost of housing n medical care as part of population renewal in THEIR sick minds?? AIYA....

jjgg said...

Matilah..Singapore already doing that..EFFICIENTLY!!!..U don't see high cost of housing n medical care as part of population renewal in THEIR sick minds?? AIYA....

Anonymous said...


Why did you vote for your MP Dr Lam Pin Min in GE 2011?
1.To benefit yourself and Sengkang West right?

2.Some possible benefits Dr Lam could implement might be;
a.Free HDB parking for Singaporeans in Sengkang.
b.Subsidized electricity
c.Waiver of HDB conservancy fees

Instead of raising funds to subsidize you, the loyal Singaporean PAP voters of Sengkang West;
Dr Lam is working hard on a plan to raise funds to subsidize non-Singaporeans, most of who don't even live in Sengkang West.

3.Why not Dr Lam work hard on raising funds to subsidize you, the loyal Singaporeans of Sengkang West?

Subsidy for non-Singaporeans CAN!
Subsidy for Singaporeans CANNOT!

$1.1 billion subsidy immediately available for an ageing bus fleet CAN!
Subsidy for ageing Singaporeans CANNOT!

Why cannot have CPF Life Insurance for ageing buses?
Bus companies can pay for the ageing insurance with their profits right?

Padaly said...

An elected MP fighting for foreigners? WTF?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1141

>> U don't see high cost of housing n medical care as part of population renewal in THEIR sick minds?? <

No, I don't. I see a bunch of motherfucking pussy-assed cowards just "surrendering" instead of deciding their own destiny.

Like I said, the weak should be killed :-)

Anonymous said...

The stubborn old fool and his gang of new and old PAP MPS up to now still refuse to openly admit and acknowledge the STOP AT TWO policy had done irreparable damage to Singapore and its citizens

Matilah_Singapura said...

The "stop at two" was stupid beyond words. It was evil too.

Forced family planning and eugenics. PAP and Nazi's sama-sama.

Heil Harry! PAP Uber Alles!

Anonymous said...

We used to have less than 2m citizens. And we were a country, a nation of people. The number of foreigners here is big enough to form another nation.

Yes there is a need for a ministry, or no, they need a govt to look after them.

Anonymous said...

Since miws have made it so clear that we are desperate for foreign talents and praising them as if they are our saviors sent from heaven, these people will for sure exploit our position unmercifully. So much so that everything they want we have to give them or else they will threaten to leave. This is extortion, pure and simple!

Anonymous said...

If only they know their cards are worthless and there is really no where else to go to.

We can consider one country two systems with two govts, one for citizens and one for non citizens.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pro Alien Party.
Lead, follow or get out of the way.
Please don't clutter up the political landscape.

If you don't know how to lead Singaporeans anymore.
Stand aside for other Singaporeans to do so.
Please don't use foreigners to cover up your shortcomings.
Nobody is fooled.
Least of all the foreigners who are laughing at you behind your back.

I had a dispute with a foreigner which was taken to a government agency for resolution.
The unfair pro alien stance of our civil servants surprised both myself and the foreigner.
Cut a long story short.
The long drawn out case was finally settled in my favour because I simply refused to waiver on certain basic principles.

As we walked out of the government building.
The foreigner shook hands with me.
Agreed that I was correct.
Shook his head at the sheer "kow-tow" attitude of our government.
Which he said encouraged him to fight on even though he knew I had a strong case.