My nightmare turning into an inspiration

Since independence we have called ourselves citizens of this country, and we dutifully went to the voting stations to cast our votes to elect our representatives to Parliament, to represent us, to speak for us, to look after our interests. It was quite shocking to learn that a general election is meant to elect a party to rule the country and has very little to do with the elected representatives. Got or no elected MP no big deal. And that is the reason or the reason behind the law for an election.

I have been living with this nightmare for quite some time since the new awakening, to find a new meaning in the law or a new reason for the law. Now that the dust has settled, time to relook at this new interpretation of the law for election. I said new because it is new to me. It may be an old meaning that I do not know and I could have been an ignoramus all this while, oblivious of the true meaning of the law. Silly me.

Okay, now that some brilliant legal mind has shone a torch on this law and enlightened the electorate on the reasons behind the law, let’s make it clear and proper. A general election shall now be an election for a political to rule the country. Let’s be transparent about this and tell the people what it really is. Just go to the polling and tick against the party. It is much simpler and easy to administer.

The elected party shall form the govt and fill the seats with their MPs in parliament. A little tweaking needs to be done to the Constitution on how many MPs each party is entitled according to the percentage of votes received. The parties can sort out who they want to be in parliament as it is not really important to have a chosen MP by the people.

And there are many advantages to such a system and very cost effective. One thing that can be saved is a by election. Since the people are electing parties, a vacated seat can simply be filled by the party concerned. Save time and resources and the people can have a new replacement almost immediately. Very convenient too.

This nightmare, if interpreted in a positive way, can be an inspiration for a new electoral system.


Anonymous said...

as usual you spotted the sleight of hand that the Party Against People is trying to implement.

An MP is a Member of Parliament.
Elected to represent the people of the constituency.
An elected representative.

Voting for the party instead of voting for the person is an attempt to turn Singapore into one big GRC.
Now we see that the GRC is just a stepping stone.
To brainwash us.

Singaporeans have to change our default button.
From automatically voting the Pro Alien Party.
To automatically voting the Opposition.

It is clear that the Opposition is good for Singapore.
They have been loyally fighting for Singapore through so many years in the political wilderness.
It is time for Singaporeans to say thank you with a vote in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

The opposition( just another party) can be as blind as a bat or as self seeking as a mongrel in heat. What it means is that the electoral system is flawed. It inevitably puts in power a group of bankers and lawyers to decide the fate of the nation.
If they lead, we "bankorrupt".

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> A general election shall now be an election for a political to rule the country.

This of course is monumentally fallacious, outright incorrect and so mythical it doesn't even qualify to be "wrong"

The cuntry is ruled BY LAW --- it really doesn't matter who or which party gets in by political process or by any other means.

Once the people understand this, they might get their cuntry back.

Those who are voted in are only there temporarily to oversee the rule of law. They themselves are subject to the very same laws and blind justice which applies EQUALLY to everyone within the borders.

I've said this over and over again: if you want effective change, it has to be done legally. To do it legally, use the COURTS.

The people have to first reclaim the courts, or they are lost.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I wonder if a Poll Tax would be beneficial for Singapore?

I think $200 is a fair amount.

I believe that it might be "fairer" than what most people will instantly judge it: i.e. "all taxes are bad".

Not so. I propose the poll tax to be VOLUNTARY...ie, you vote, you pay.

Meritocracy before Democracy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Another well thought out idea from Matilah. My $200k will give me 1000 votes. And if I can write my own paycheck, I can have unlimited number of votes as I will be able to pay for them.

Ahhh, market forces at work. And ultimately the people will up paying me to pay for the poll tax.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I never said it was a good idea and please, don't call my ideas "well thought out". I sit by the beach and watch half naked chicks pantats...and I am an Ass Man. The ideas just come, but they are not "well thought out". They are INSPIRED.

No, the votes are not UNLIMITED as you suggest. They are strictly LIMITED to those who would voluntarily pay the Poll Tax.

In this way, the cuntree gets voting citizens who have made a conscious choice to vote, and taken an intentful action toward directing the destiny of their cuntree.

call it a better assurance of ACTIVE participation: ie you want to play? Then PAY.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No wonder, pantat inspiration. How come I didn't think of it: )

The poor cannot afford to vote. The rich can buy their votes by paying them to vote.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Proper democracy requires people to own property. Otherwise the non-property owners will vote the property owners out of their property in a form of legalised "theft by ballot".

Even the Greeks (legendary Ass Men) realised this and in their version of democracy only PROPERTY OWNERS were allowed to vote.

If you give the unwashed masses total political control, you'd better get ready to rent out your female family members genitals to anyone who would use them for sexual relief, because in a very short time there won't be any economy left to sustain life.

The unwashed masses may mean well, but most of them know JACK SHIT ABOUT RUNNING A BUSINESS -- producing values and creating wealth for stakeholders and customers. These people wouldn't have a job unless some private enterprise entrepreneurs/ managers hired them.

...but they do mean well and have good hearts, and like to hold hands and sing "We Shall Overcome" and "Kumbaya"

...ah...so touching...my cold capitalist heart is melting....hur hur hur...