The most brilliant strategy becomes the worst liability

This is like the best policy becoming the worst baggage or weakness. When the GRC was first conceived, it was the most brilliant strategy of the PAP to ensure their continued dominance in the Singapore political game of control. The opposition was weak financially, and weak in their ability to attract and put up a number of good candidates. The PAP has all the financial power, even with the raising of election deposits, the more expensive the more favourable to the PAP. And also with its ability to attract the talents who were stay away from the opposition, the GRC is more like a sure win package.

The twist and turn of events have turned a cleverly formulated strategy into a nightmare, and fielding every GRC is now a grave concern to the PAP. The financial power is there, but the slate of good candidates is not. The domineering presence of a strong minister whose name would have carried a GRC is turning the other way, of a guaranteed loss of the GRC.

Unbelieveable but it is what is happening. The PAP may be wise to disband the GRC system and return to the single MP constituency of the past. At least they don’t have to lose a team and losing good ministers because of poor candidates. Yea, it once was having good ministers to carry weak candidates. Now a weak candidate in a GRC team can spell doom to a good minister.
In the context of today’s electorate awareness and voting pattern, I doubt there are more than a handful of ministers with the confidence that they could carry a GRC. Many will sink the GRC or with the GRC. 

It is time to scrap this outdated strategy and void heavy losses in the next GE.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is time to scrap the GRC.

We tolerated and accepted it when it was established in 1988 to ensure that the minority racial communities in Singapore will always be represented in Parliament. Singaporean voters were then not political matured enough and were voting MPs based on race.

In 1997, the introduction of five - six members GRC (including two minority candidates) was the last straw . Its seen as a way to control PAP dominance in politic. It also inhibits our right to vote for the best candidate to represent us. Furthermore, that is seen as protecting the weaker Chinese candidates rather than the minority to get voted into parliament, which is against what was originally introduced.

At this time of age we cannot have this GRC politic anymore. A good MP regardless of race will serve ALL races in his ward. If he doesn't than he is voted out regardless of its party.

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt (Singaporeans) calling out for the Hougang by election.


Gintai_昇泰 said...

I must say u are really a genius to see thru this fact! How come those smarties in power don't seem to understand? You see certain policy may be good at certain time but not all the time cuz the environment keep changing and we need to adapt to survive. They seem to be caught in their past glory without thinking of the changing landscape.
Maybe they are too proud to admit the GRC mistake or simply just hope that some 60% daft Sinkies will contd to endorse them?
I have never seen such indecisiveness in our PM, such gross incompetency and weakness in them resulting in such a huge income disparity and yet do not feel shameful at all. Think Pro Lim's shock therapy and Prof Tommy Koh's call for min wage for our citizens. Yes we are a country without shame as one blogger mentioned! Our country is truly goi g downhill! Sad for us.

Anonymous said...

That we are going downhill is obvious. The wheel of fortune has turned and many slips are showing that our glorious past is almost over. It happened to the Europeans and Japanese and now is our turn.

When Myanmar opens up, it will be their turn together with the other Indochinese countries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Gintai, No genius lah. They always say the picture is clearer when you are an observer.

The mandate of heaven has been withdrawn. The signs are there, all the little mishaps going around and unstoppable.