Lim Chong Yah’s recommendation and the big risk

There have been all kinds of criticism against Lim Chong Yah’s shock therapy but all seems to miss the most dangerous point. His freezing of the pay of those earning above $15,000 is perhaps the most dangerous of his recommendation. Singapore will definitely sink and become another third world.

With the freezing of top talent’s pay one thing will sure to happen. They will be underpaid and what will be the outcome? Corruption! Corruption will become rampant. For the moment corruption is controlled and prevented from rearing its ugly head. Everyone is paid so well that there is no need to be corrupt or be tempted to corrupt. Once the deserving top talents are not paid enough, this monster can no longer be restrained.

Think the good old professor must rethink and find a solution to this big risk. Don’t believe, some may openly say I no pay enough so I corrupt lah. Don't pray pray.


Anonymous said...

Wah! So good.
Get paid not to be corrupt.

I wonder if the PAP internet brigade will pay me and redbean to stop blogging?

Anonymous said...

Commercial sex with underage girls.

Let's pay men to stop screwing.

Anonymous said...


Suddenly the hard, dirty, unpalatable truth is out. First the realisation that some at the top are grossly, obscenely overpaid. Now comes the realisation that some at the bottom are grossly, obscenely underpaid.

Of course Lim Swee Swee and the PAP will disagree because they were the ones who allowed this to happen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think you are wrong. While they are paying themselves to the point that they don't need any subsidies, they were trying very hard to create more subsidies to help the rest of the Sinkies, like more GST.

Sinkies must be grateful for all the subsidies they are getting.

Anonymous said...


With all the subsidies, who needs more pay? Lim Chong Yah is going to get an earful from Swee Swee and his gang of, is it 79?

Already the rear admirer has fired his volley. Who is next? I know who will give the last warning when the time comes. As always!

Anonymous said...

Ya, subsidies always comes after an increase in bus/train fares, GST etc. And for how long?

Mind you, the increases are lifelong and for generations to come.