The Hougang by election court case

The case filed by Madam Vellama Muthu in court for a ruling on when a by election should be held is being challenged vigorously by the Attorney General’s Chambers. The AGC is appealing against Judge Pillai’s ruling for a hearing next week to determine what should be done in view of an MP vacating his seat. The judge has found that there is a prima facie case to have the case heard.

What is the issue of this case? Is it a case of a political party taking a position which other political party disagree. Or is it a case of the people against the govt or the law of the country? If it is the former, where the ruling party is seen as not observing the law of the country, would it then be expected that the ruling party be defending its position?

Or is this a case against the state that the AGC has to come out to take a stand to defend the law? It should be the case if the law is clear. What is now unclear is that the law is apparently vague in the calling of a by election and a case has been filed to have a clear interpretation of the law by the court. Should not this be a good thing, to have a clear position and nobody can then quibble over it? Maybe the AGC’s position is that the law is clear and no need for further interpretation.

What is the best thing to happen? Throw the case out and not wanting to know the court’s ruling and interpretation on what the law really should be?


Anonymous said...

Is there no Law regarding Election Matter in a democratic state?

Thought there are clear rulings
and international practices with regard Democracy, something known as Universal Suffrage.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a law in the constitution and is being questioned by Vellama Muthu. But AGC is defending it like crazy that there is nothing wrong with the law.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the AGC in Sin has the power
to interpret the Law according to his
or her understanding. And his or her interpretation stands and is legal binding in Sin lor!

Anonymous said...

did you forget that AGC also stands for
Approved Government Clown ? Hope you didn't grow senile as our old fart.

Anonymous said...

Clown or CoxxSuckxx

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today is Easter Sunday. Amen.