Hoaxsters should be dealt with by the law

The rumours and alleged attempts to kidnap children have hit the main media today. Police have conducted their investigations and 5 people have been hauled up for spreading hoaxes about the kidnapping. Police confirmed that till do date no children have been kidnapped.

The ST reported 6 cases under investigations and two have been confirmed as hoaxes. The other four are still under investigations and police are calling for more information on the cases of alleged abductions. Those with information should contact the police directly.

In the meantime parents should still be very careful and keep a watchful eye on their children. Don’t let them out of sight. Though no children has been kidnapped, the alleged attempts are still under investigation and could prove to be real. Until the investigations are over, it is better to be on the alert. The police have not confirmed that the alleged attempts were hoaxes or not real. No kidnap does not mean no attempts. The latter is waiting for confirmation.


Anonymous said...

Agree. No kidnaps does not mean no attempts. Well said.

I think these people should not be charged, but maybe given a warning. Sometimes, people share information out of genuine concern. Besides, if they shared it within an enclosed list ie. their fb friends/family, then technically they are private. Unless their notes were lifted off by people to publicize it widely then it's really not their fault. Where do you draw the line of sharing info and spreading rumors? Anyway, if something is created out of the air (hoax) then the action should be strongly discouraged.

Matilah_Singapura said...

When attempting to bring bad folks to justice, sometimes the only leads you have are hunches and suspicions, often these are spread by gossip and "village chit-chat".

Occasionally, innocent people are put under rigorous investigation causing disruption in their lives -- quite unjustly and unfairly.

This can't be help. Some unlucky folks are going to be inconvenienced.

Crime inconveniences everyone. Can't be helped.

Anonymous said...

I read the ST and it said, 'Child kidnapping rumours doused' and also in the main article a big caption, 'Child abductions in heartland not true: Police.

What should I believe, that everything is safe. All were rumours? What kind of reporting is this?