The good life taking shape in paradise

A 3 rm flat at 635 sq ft or the size of 5 car parks and costing nearly a million dollars hits the front page of ST. This is smaller than a 3 rm HDB flat. But this is quality living for Sinkies. Sinkies just need a little getting use to, and if the media or some clever people were to tell them this is quality living, they will soon believe it. And soon a long queue will be formed for such quality flats. And a lot of talented ideas were incorporated into the shoe boxes to make sure that the quality of life will not be affected. The higher price is for the ingenius ideas that were built into the box.

And buying a car is out of question with all the money ploughed into such quality flats. The new mantra, small is good. Car ownership is bad. Public transport is cool. Or let’s return to the old practice of car pooling.

I am going to work with my architect friends to design tube living. The Sinkies only need a place to slot his body in and nothing else. No need to accumulate all the junks to fill a big flat. Tube living is the future, very futuristic. Pay a couple of movie stars to slip into one of the tubes and Sinkies will believe that it is cool.

Each HDB room size could easily slot in a dozen tubes each with individualized temperature control and personalized pee pot. The pee pots can be decorated with anything, pop star photos etc. And there is no fear for lack of space for leisure. More quality parks will be built for those living in tubes or shoe boxes. Back to the 50s and 60s they were called cubicles. Come to think of it, instead of calling it tubes which will waste a lot of space, design them like elongated cubes or cubics.

Cubicle living can take on a quality form and style. Cubic living can be the new way forward. The cubes need not be much bigger than a kennel. And because of its size and weight, it can be moved around to be nearer to their pet dogs as well. Then no one can accuse them of ill treating the dogs. Put the cubes beside the kennels and share the meals. Great bonding between human beans and dogs or between dogs and dogs.


Soojenn said...

What would you expect... when the Singapore developers partner with HK developers or learn from them, developers who are well known for building apartments smaller, and smaller apartments.

You have one such "quality" Singaporean developer who is also developing in HK, and whose owner has been recognized (for his poor quality apartments) to the extent to use public money to rename a hospital after him.

635 sq ft.. is this gross or net area? In HK the area is usually stated as gross area. The net area,usually at 70-80% (includes areas in the corridors, balcony, and god know what else) of the gross area, meaning the actual size is even smaller.

The developer make much more building shoe box homes, so why not, and with the Singapore government bent on increasing the population at any cost, such apartments will naturally come in handy.

And like you say, it is a matter of how to brainwash Singaporeans to think that this is "quality" living..

S$1 million for 635 sft net area is the average to low price to pay for an apartment in a good area in HK.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You can resign yourself to living like a loser ala redbean's vision of dystopia...

... or you can work hard, apply yourself in a free-for-all, glory-to-the-winner meritocracy, become a success and buy the landed properties (plural) of your choice.

However following redbean's idea is easier -- just resign yourself to fate, and become a VICTIM, blaming circumstance and the "injustices" of life, which apparently makes wallowing in your own vomit and self-pity a bit more tolerable...some even might say "noble".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Two of the best free for all biz, gambling and prostitution. Another is taking other people's money and spend like a dude.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nothing wrong with gambling and prostitution. As long as it is kept legal, the crime element is minimised.

Life is for living. Which means you'll need to spend money sooner or later.

All the money anyone has, at anytime comes from other people.

So, redbean, pray tell, what's your problem?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just because I made a post I have a problem. Using the same reasoning, what is your problem?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

The problem is that we were brought up to believe that four legs are good and two legs are bad and that has slowly evolved to four legs are good but two legs even better without even realizing that subtle change! Really langgar!

Anonymous said...

Bigger flats are good, smaller flats are better.
Cars are good, public transport are better.