Gintai’s article on Singaporeans being priced out

Gintai wrote an article on how our system benefitted the PRs most in terms of housing. The main point is that the PRs have an option to cash out at the end of the day, carry his pot of gold back to his home country to live like a rich landlord. This is fact!

The poor Sinkies would have to face the ever increasing cost of living, higher property prices, higher car prices, higher everything, and his savings waiting to vanish anytime, not enough to buy a car, not enough to pay for medical, not even to pay for retirement.

Didn’t anyone see this Hobson’s choice for the Sinkies, to be fixed into such a disadvantageous position? Didn’t the policy makers look ahead, plan ahead, and see the problems over the horizon? Maybe this is not a problem. Very likely, given their super talents, they knew what is coming up. But they need the Sinkies to pay for all the expensive and good stuff and good life, and their super salaries. The PRs can go home and downgrade to a landed property in their kampongs. Here we can enjoy our 650 sq ft million dollar flat and live in a first world city with all the convenience that money can afford to pay.

It is all in the plan. The Sinkies are captive customers, no way to run and no way to hike. Just con them with a few good sounding words and they will buy in the story. Singapore is home, the best place to be in, and good things have a price. Be happy and be contented. Why be envious of the PRs? They did not have such a brilliant and caring govt that will look after them from birth to death. And when they cash out, they will downgrade the quality of living. They are returning to stone age.

Count your blessings. Be thankful of what you got. A forumer is so pleased with the way we handled the train breakdown problems that he wrote to the ST to share his admiration. This is so much better than Mumbai. And he is so grateful to be here. He is right to think so. Singapore city is build by the best brains, engineers, architects, civil servants, all so talented, and a disciplined workforce.

But this is changing. There are no longer any talents here. The talents are in Mumbai. Singapore is sending delegations after delegations to Mumbai to recruit the talents to help to make this city better than Mumbai.


Anonymous said...

The trick is to milk the daft Sinkies dry. And the Sinkies would be so grateful for the privilege to feed the masters and support their Swiss standard of living.

Anonymous said...

It's a free world. yes, the PR can carry his pot of gold out of Singapore but guess what, so can the Singaporean if they only care to think out of the box. In fact, you get treated a lot better by the govt when you are overseas as seen by the recent Singapore Day event in New York. So, why continue to endure being called names like 'daft' and having your rights trampled upon when you can live it up overseas and be treated as a talent by the very govt that pours scorn on you when you are in the country? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

One thing all must know, everyone in govt today, or anywhere, must die and disappear from this earth.

Our children will inherit this place, the good and the bad and the shit created.

Anonymous said...

"Count your blessings. Be thankful of what you got. A forumer is so pleased with the way we handled the train breakdown problems that he wrote to the ST to share his admiration. This is so much better than Mumbai". Unquote.

Just love Your Humour, Mr Chua aka Redbean.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Hi RB,
Thks for the mention. I never expected that a simple post could go viral and end up with so much controversy. On PM's newly set up FB, at least 10 mentions were made to him exhorting him to read my little post!
Of course, there are other blogs quoting me ie Sg Daily, TR, Sg Politics and even Nicole Seah FB!
Yesterday when I posted it the post hit abt 18,000. Now it's abt 73,000! Soon it will hit 100,000 views for just one small post.
I plan to close all comments soon. You know the rule - admin of a blog is accountable to comments and could be held liable.
As it is only by reading all the comments keep coming in I can't cope or finish let alone reply. Due to an influx of comments, I had earlier remove any admin prior approval before any comment can be posted. In other words, it's now free for all. Any body could just go to my blog and shoot. I fear this cuz I'm still liable if it's defamatory etc
Sorry I had to take 'refuge' on your blog to express my feelings. I even dare not go into my blog to engage them due to the sheer numbers of comments etc Really langgar dah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ah Gintai, there are as many viewers as the crowds in the photos you have posted.

It is good for the people to read and reflect on the situation, on where we are heading or being taken to.

Anonymous said...

The Piece by Gintai reflects much the sentiments on the ground.

It is time for the Rulers to examine their policies as well as themselves.

Most of the Men In White are perceived as greedy, ruthless and full of avarice and this cannot be good.

Some were saying that the Prime Minister is now on Facebook and Twitter and they foresee that he WILL get to know the ground better.
Me does wishes that he does, however, like to say that there is no reason for him not to know the feelings of his citizens when he had been part of the Government for some decades. It is really a question of how much concern he has for his people. Likewise to all the Others in the Cabinet.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nero was happy fiddling on the roof while Rome burnt. It did not matter to him as long as he was happy enjoying playing his fiddle.

There is a void of thinkers in the govt to look at the big picture and say is this the right thing to do, what we want, is this where we want to go? Maybe I am wrong, they know what they want and they know where they are going or where they are leading the herd.

To me, the next stop is the bottom of the cliff for the herd. It is not sustainable in every aspect. But the thinkers are also having a great time fiddling, and who cares when life is all fun?

Anonymous said...

Redbean aka Chua Chin Leng Sir;

You got it all perfectly deciphered, my Fren.

If they kip being deaf frogs, hearing nothing and consciously refusing to see those elderlies and lowly educated folks struggling and fighting for their survivals, wat can we say?

Sometimes, me does indeed get to witness how DAFT Sinkies can be when they are so excited and hopeful with leaders doing their 'acts', quite intriguing and perplexing. Funny too!


Anonymous said...

Some days, like today, I feel like Matilah. I find it very difficult to feel sorry for my fellow Sinkies.

Everything also waiting for a Saviour to come along.

Oh! LHL is on Facebook.
Now he can better understand our problems.
He should read Gintai's blog.
Then we will be saved.

Oh for fark's sake.
Save yourself.
You live in a democracy.
If you don't agree with the MIWs, why don't you use your initiative to organize a bloc of voters against them?

We farking got the government we deserved until GE 2016.
If you want things to change in GE 2016, get off your keyboard and do something about it ... starting today.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Hi RB,
In SinCity only two situations where you can get those crowds as in the two pics I posted. It's either on a five yr one time GE or maybe BE if you are lucky and when the trains break down! Other than the two situations mentioned, you won't get crowd such big!

Anonymous said...

Essay gone viral. You mean brotherhood engineered another nationwide EPM again :)

They never cease to amaze me, never.

James Lim Chee Feih

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi James,
Welcome to the blog. I didn't know the brotherhood is doing this kind of thing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

My word, what a gross exaggeration.

When prices rise, everyone has to pay more. Not just the locals lah.

If you want a hip, pumping, hi-octane capitalist city -- like I do -- then to heck with the price rises. Adjust and deal with it lah.

What's the problem? Not up to the task izit?

Anonymous said...

Same flat but bought different time of course price will be diffferent, especially property. One condo that I was eyeing, when it was launched, I thought it was too expensive so I didn't buy. But I eventually bought it 9 months later at 20% more or approx 200k more. So what is there to curse about ? We all know economics change, property cycles change. Should HDB have kept prices constant ? That is impossible. If it were, what about those who bought and wanted price to appreciate? And what if economy tanked and HDB still maintain same price?