The foreign North Korean experts at it again

They could not understand why the North Koreans are launching the satellite to celebrate the 100 anniversary of Kim Il Sung. Or they just do not want to understand. But that is not enough. They even came out with their foolish comments as if the North Koreans were little ignorant farmers, did not know what they were doing. The favourite reasons, internal rift or rivalry, Kim Jong Un must do something to establish himself, Kim Jung Un is trying to please everyone, Kim Jung Un is following what his father did, playing brinkmanship, what else is new? Oh, he is ill advised by his advisers!

And this Professor Andrei Lankov said his best guess, ‘is a culmination of bureaucratic inefficiency and factional rivalry.’

My no expert guess, the North Koreans need to show the Americans that they have the weapons to deliver a few nuclear warheads into the hearts of the USA. That is the only safe guard for the North Koreans if they want to avoid the fate of Iraq or a Libya. They must be able to do it. They could send a few hundred warheads into all the big cities in Japan and South Korea. These have neutralized the threats from these two neighbours.

The one that is left standing and wanting to have a go at the North Koreans is the US, thinking that it could hit the North Koreans without the latter being able to hit back. The security of the North Koreans is to be able to strike back at the international gangters. Period.

So difficult to understand the North Koreans and so many make beliefs of incompetencies in the North Koreans?

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