False logic and reasoning

The danger of using false logic and reasoning to justify an unjustifiable act is like using a lie to cover another lie. The new lie conceived will need to be a bigger lie than the first, and every subsequent lie will become bigger and more indefensible. And every attempt to defend or cover the lie will make the liar look more stupid and the faked logic more untenable. It is only a matter of time when the lies fall through and the liar falls flat on his face.

The logic that GST is to help the poor, foreigners to help the citizens, foreigners are more talented, new citizens are Singaporeans, like one of us, high pay to prevent corruption, high minister pay is the right thing to do, HDB flats are affordable and driven by market forces, etc etc have started to have that hollow ring.

The people are starting to question these logics and starting to disbelieve in them. No matter how often are these songs being sung or printed as the real stuff, the good stuff, the truth will surface to tell a false logic is a false logic.

I recall a story of a poor family having a great reunion dinner behind closed doors. And they were celebrating and offering each other roast pork and chicken in a very happy and generous way. And they were toasting each other with cognac. Anyone outside will be so envious of the party and the feast they were having.

Peeping through the door, the truth was plain and clear, that they were sharing red and white potatoes and drinking plain tea. But they were living a life of make beliefs, just to feel good and be happy. The good thing was that they knew that they were deceiving themselves for the moment. It would be sad if they did not know that they were living a lie. It would be sadder if they were living under other people’s lie.

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"It would be sadder if they were living under other people’s lie". Unquote.

Do Singaporeans have any choice?