Faces of Agent Orange

This is a face that you can recognise in the documentary by CNA.

Channel News Asia (CNA) will be featuring a special documentary on the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam next Friday, 20 Apr at 8 pm. It is a very painful story of what this pretentious magnanimous, defender of human rights, and the advocates against chemical warfare did to the poor Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. They were so hypocritical, so freakish, to launch a war to kill Saddam Hussein for amassing WMD, including chemical weapons, when it was the US that provided Saddam with such destructive weapons in the first place. And the US is still holding on to a huge cache of chemical weapons in its arsenal, waiting to use it generously on its next victim. And the world still believes that the US is such a kind and loving country, so caring and honourable.

The programme is a must watch to see what the Americans had done against what they preached.


Anonymous said...

The White Americans are Christians. They can do no wrong. But they had conducted wholesale genocide of ninety-eight per cent of native North American Indians or 85 million of them. They claimed it is no sin to kill in the name of Jesus and for Christianity and for their superior white men's civilization.

Since its independence from its imperial forbears England US has never stopped in its warpath of aggression and conquest. It attacked Mexico continuously between 1840 to 1890 and grabbed by force one million six hundred thousand square miles of mexican lands consisting of now the states of Florida, Texas, Utah, Wymoing, New Mexico, Dakota and California.

It then went on to kill native islanders in the vast Pacific Ocean and by force of military might destroyed the island kingdoms of Hawaii and Guam and eventually annexed these Pacific Ocean island kingdoms to the Evil Empire , USA.

The Evil Empire is still continuing its warpath of aggression and conquests and wherever it goes blood is shed and innocent lives are destroyed. The Evil Empire always justifies its warpath of aggression, destruction and conquests because it always puts up false claims and with trump up charges that the victims
were to blame for causing the insecurity of the Evil Empire. White men are all the same of evil and aggressive nature be they US, England, Russia, France, Germany Spain Portugal or Holland.

Regret to say that many Asian countries for their own selfish narrow interest still believe in the Evil Empire and are thus being easily manipulated by the Evil Empire for its own evil interest.

US has destroyed Iraq,libya, Afghanistan and now Syria. It is intending to destroy Iran, North Korea, DPRK. It is now fomenting trouble in the East China Sea and the South China Sea with an evil intention of causing troubles and distrust among the countries of Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. If the US is not stopped in its aggression it will ultimately destroy itself and the whole world.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Some cuntrees deserved to be attacked and razed to the ground because its people are - as a collective - cunts.

Humans are a warlike hostile species. The richer and more successful a cuntree you are, the better armed you need to be to attack cunts before they attack you.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ps. I have no worries with those assholes in the middle east getting walloped.. Camel fucking, paedophile worshipping rag heads :-)

For fucks sake, bomb them already. Take out Iran! Wankers!