Doctors crying foul

Inspection and certification of medical instruments are going to cost a bomb. And the doctors are unhappy and rightly so as the cost of medical services is already high and now adding more cost. This is the syndrome of creating jobs and income for doing more and more. Aren’t these equipment manufacturers subject to many international regulations and standards to ensure that their equipment is safe for use?

We will be seeing more revenue created from unproductive administrative processes like more checks, more certifications and examination fees, more licences etc etc. The annual checks for cars, especially weekend cars, is another big concern. The cars today are very well made, and in our case many are very new, weekend car owners hardly used their cars, but subject to annual inspections at a hefty fee.

It is so easy to make money when you have the authority to do so. Just create some excuses for more training, more examinations, more checks, more certifications, and money will just flow in. No need to work the guts out in the field, in the factory, in the service outlets producing real goods and services. Better, wait for someone to complain and turn it around to impose more fees to look like trying to solve the problem.

The financial industry just print paper money, create complex notes and sell them to the ignorant. All part of the new industry of creating revenue out of nothing. Is it really that clever to do such things? What shall such things be called? Abuse of power, authority, robbery, trickery, selling snake oil? You don’t need any talent to do such things. The MLM, the holiday share schemes, ponzi schemes, charities and donation schemes , etc etc even the school dropouts, the laymen or conmen can do it. In fact they are more creative and effective than the super talents in such designs. Cheating is the easiest thing to do, and no thinking required if the power is behind cheats.


Anonymous said...

this is just another creative way to generate revenue for government. Fancy fixing thing that ain't broken but increasing the cost that will be bear by the patient ultimately.

This is PayAndPay scheme of doing thing, not that we do not know.

Local should be able to see through through this. PAP always go for extreme and never make wise balance.

Pataly Lighthouse_八达哩灯塔 said...

Here everything costs money. They will think of every pretext and reason to create fees and licenses just to generate more revenues and more parasites!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon and Pataly, welcome to the the blog.

The Chinese Medical or Drug shops are also fuming.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think certain instrument manufacturers are behind this, and put the idea of "regulation" into the govt's mind.

The govt gets its fees, certain manufacturers (European, American) get an edge. El cheapo China manufacturers -- out of the picture...competition eliminated.


1. Govt -- fees, licenses, more employees ("make-work" type of unproductive jobs), expansion of govt power

2. US-Euro cartel of medical supplies. Near monopoly.

Anonymous said...

Not all regulations are good, some are plain ridiculous. Bureaucrats only know how to sit in office think of rubbish.