Clockwork Singapore

Singapore used to be a clockwork country. Push a button, press a switch, turn on the tap, everything works. Singapore used to pride itself as a first world country, an oasis in the third world. It differentiated itself with world class quality and services, reliability and efficiency In just a few months, the public train system is breaking apart. How so? This kind of thing does not breakdown overnight. It takes a long gestation period to build up a series of lapses for such a thing to happen. An entire system functioning smoothly over 40 years does not go down like a string of dominoes. That is exactly what is happening to the train system.

Having breakdowns, stoppages and delays are daily business. And the frequency is no longer funny. The standby support system is activated and is working like a substitute to the main system. Excuse for coming late to work chits are printed so that workers can bring it back to office as proof of being late, like getting an MC. Soon organizations will have to check with public transport operators on the validity of such chits and breakdowns. And there will be permanent signs outside every station just to report on delays and breakdowns. It could even have a dedicated radio channel or mobile phone apps to inform commuters to take alternative transport.

It was only yesterday that workers were encouraged to sell their private cars to take public transport, as cheaper, faster and more convenient. Those who opted for the change are finding it a daily hustle to get from point to point. What is going on man?

And with COEs hitting $100k, what is the alternative for those who cannot afford cars now? What is happening to this first world oasis? It is like the light is being switched off, the end is near, age is catching up. The mandate of heaven has been withdrawn and nothing is going to work like clockwork anymore.

And it is happening despite the super talents being in charge and being paid super talented salaries. It is time the people vote like Citigroup against the huge pay packages when the management cannot deliver.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you stop trusting, training and rewarding your faithful Sinkie.
Everything also I don't know.

Go and ask your foreign talents for a solution lah!
Go and ask your elites to solve the problem lah!

I stupid.
I only know how to vote Opposition to protect myself and my fellow Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

It may turn out that the stupid are really to smart ones. They are just watching the drama unfolding and unravelling.

Say what I like, the powers that be wlll never blame the foreign 'talents' and elites. That would be tatamount to admitting they were wrong. You know them very well.

Padaly said...

Our country is going downhill with those incompetent in charge only keen on paying themselves millions!

Anonymous said...

The 'country' can go downhill, the slippery slope or even bankrupt, it does not matter when my assets here and elsewhere are growing all the time.
You die becos You're lazy and stupid, it is not my fault, no one cheats You. Right?

Anonymous said...

That's the right way to go. The lazy and stupid must pay the price for being lazy and stupid. Those from lucky sperms are the smartest.

This is the hard truth. Just pretend to be compassionate in front of time and tell them you empathise with them. You also feel for them.

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