Clockwork Singapore tick, tick, tickles

The once reliable public transport system is turning into a nightmare to many Sinkies, particular the university students marching to their examination halls. The fear is to be caught in a MRT train breakdown and be late for the examination. The universities are also scratching their heads as to how to deal with such a scenario. Should they bar the students from their examinations or make concessions, or alternate provisions to retake the examination? It is not the fault of the students.

Sinkies going for an appointment, job interviews, meetings with clients, attending a court order or police order, dates, submissions of tenders etc etc and are delayed, who is to be blamed? To be late is already a big headache and can cause one to lose a contract, a job, or a boy/girl friend. Now every Sinkie would have to make additional plans when going for an appointment. How much more time to provide for just in case? The need to make such contingency plans because of an unreliable public transport system is going to make life that much more unpleasant and unpredictable and costly. The uncertainty is stressful for sure.

What’s next on the card? More tickles?


Anonymous said...

Notice how awfully quiet Mr Lim Swee Say has been?
As productivity chief head, he should be the one issuing statement and calculating the lost of productivity in $/cts to the economy as a results of these delays...if there were some street rallies, the govt will have no hesitation to quote those numbers!!!

So how many million dollars are in the gutter now because of the 7 delays over last 3 months?

Anonymous said...

If he appears too frequently, PAP WILL BE losing more seats in the Next Election.

Anonymous said...

要快+要便宜 = 醜!

要便宜+要好 = 可以啊!可是要等哦!

要快+要好 = 一分钱,一分货!

要快+要便宜+要好 = 不可能的任务!


agongkia said...

Dun always think of the disadvantages of train disruption.You forgot about those who benefit from such breakdown.
Report for work late,just use the excuse of transport breakdown.Colleague come late to relieve because of breakdown,can also claim OT....

I want to repeat.
It is nothing unusual for the train here to break down.It is only unusual if they dun break down.

agongkia said...

anon 6.03pm
Who say its impossible mission to find faster,cheaper and 'betterer' ?

Try Yalong,if cannot find,Xiang ... ....There are many options.SarBee See Bee all have.

Too bad we got only one Transport system,all under one towkay.