Chan Chun Sing’s Lanfang Republic

‘Was it because over time, they have degenerated into different groups fighting only for their own interests?
Was it because the society was broken when those who have and those who can, did not take care enough for those who have-nots or cannot.
Was it that the leaders and the people did not share the same values any more? Maybe it was all these and more.’

This is a paragraph taken from Chan Chun Sing’s famous speech to PAP’s stalwarts before the last GE. He was telling the story of the Lanfang Republic in 18 century West Kalimantan and questioned why a flourishing little state failed to exist beyond a 100 years. And he threw up the few questions as the probable cause of the demise of Lanfang.

He was relating to the Lanfang state that shared many similarities with our little island and how this island state could avoid the pitfalls of Lanfang. Would this island state still be around in 100 years? Or is it facing the same set of problems, self interest, inter group fighting, disconnect between the rich and poor, and leaders not sharing the same values as the people?

Our income gap is the widest in the world, and infighting is starting to show. Not sure about self interest. The disconnect and different values are glaring. The people are to survive on peanuts while leaders find it tough to live on $50k pm income. And praising the people’s ability to buy a 2 rm flat with $1000 pm income only highlighted the disparity and divide. The people and the leaders are having different dreams.

What I can say is don’t worry. We are different, or at least we are very different in that we have the best talents to rule the country. And we are depending on the number One superpower to be our guardian angel instead of a declining power. And no other power is more powerful than our guardian angel. We are safe. The people with $1k income and 2 rm flats are equally happy with the quality living. The leaders may be a bit unhappy with $50k income but bearable. We will survive pass 100 years.

We also have the advantage of more foreign talents to take over the country from the lesser talented locals. The island will exist forever. Wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyoh. You buggers panic too much.

In Singapore, whether you are able spend $1000 or $50,000 per month to live, you still are alright.

There's a lot to be said about being business-friendly, having low corporate taxes, low income taxes, and an OPEN economy.

Of course there'll be people who can never be "satisfied" no matter what. These dreamers are always chasing some unbelievable "utopia".

If you are unhappy in Singapore, I'm sorry to tell you that you and you alone are to blame. You spoilt, cunty litlle brat.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The business friendly places are all over Geylang. They even open their legs to welcome you.

And the pimps will make sure all is welcomed, as they take a big cut from the revenue.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I fully support that kind of free-market enterprise.

Geylang services a basic male-human need for sexual relief.

Amoral, private, affordable, safe and fun, also profitable to the providers of the "services".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why is there a need to build a powerful defence force? Because there is something of value to protect for our citizens, our way of life and the value we have created, the assets. We do not want to give them away or let them be taken away.

Then we invited all the foreigners here, to be citizens, to share or take away what we have legally, as citizens. It is like having an iron bowl but leaking a big hole.

We fill it and want to protect it, by it is leading away because we chip a hole in it.

The said...

Those who think the General is talking cock - kee chiu!!!

Anonymous said...

We are welcoming third rate foreign talents from third world countries because our meritocracy demands that other locals who do not have the talent to be born with the right genes or have the right connections, should not be given positions that may cause them to outshine the meritocrats, which will then debunk the whole system as nothing more than nepotism and cronyism. That this little red dot has become the Kingdom of Lanfang is still kept from the serfs who still regard themselves as citizens of Singapore. The Major General was not talking cock - the Royals have to protect their assets with huge defence spending and the top military hierarchy has to be kept contented (no infighting, provided the spoils are more fairly distributed) to preserve the status of the Royals.

Anonymous said...

Many of Lanfang's citizens and their descendants made their way to Singapore, which subsequently became another ethnic Chinese republic in Southeast Asia.